A Kinist’s Take on the James White Scandal


James White is a popular Reformed Baptist who never misses a chance to tell the world how many formal debates he’s had. Listening to him talk, you’d think he’s debated every Muslim in the world at least twice, and all the Roman Catholics thrice. A “professional” peddler of talking points, White makes his living by intellectually bullying women, children, and effeminate ideologues in public. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve benefited from some of his work – his book on the King James Onlyist controversy comes to mind. But he’s not a good writer and because he lacks editorial oversight on Youtube, his videos are little more than long-winded ramblings. But oh how Reformed folk (Baptist or Presbyterian) love the man. He’s the ideal modern Calvinist.

He shares a flaw with all other modernist theologians. He loves an abstracted set of doctrines more than the God of his ancestors. He doesn’t realize the abstracted set of doctrines has changed, though. He’s too naive to realize the sea-change in America’s outpost of Christendom.

To understand this, dear readers, I want you to think of a beautiful old hymn. A cherished hymn, sung by us all in childhood. Now, fast-forward in time fifty or so years, pretend you’re in a super-duper mega-church, surrounded by five hundred dancing brethren, all shouting to an abstracted savior and swaying to the beats of an African rock band. The band is playing the same song you knew from childhood – the same words anyway – but it’s a completely different melody. Really, they’re playing an entirely different song, just using the same old cherished words. The heart of the tune is different, crafted for a different purpose. We’ve all heard dozens of old hymns treated this way; turn on your radio to the local Contemporary Christian music station to hear a sampling.

Reformed Christianity in America has undergone the same transformation and Dr. White is still trying to sing the lyrics to the old, outdated song. All his critics hear this discord and are rightly attacking him for it.

White, you see, posted a simple Facebook post about a black boy he saw on the side of the road. This boy flipped off a passing police vehicle, then threw his drink bottle defiantly into the nearby bushes. James White took offense to this and said the boy was likely influenced by a bad culture and the destruction of the family unit. This is an old enough talking point among conservatives, even conservative blacks, so White didn’t think anything of it.

…until he was attacked by all the vicious PC police in the modern Reformed community. They were appalled that a white man would be presumptuous enough to pass judgment on a poor, misunderstood black boy, who, like Trayvon and all the other cherub-cheaked black children in the US of A, was likely innocent of White’s stereotypes. A white man, it was said, cannot offer commentary on black people because he cannot possibly understand their struggles.

Of course, James White is enough of an anti-white cuckold (he knows enough of the modern Christian song) to realize he stepped wrongly; it’s very likely that, had this unfortunate statement been made by some other theologian, White would join the chorus in attacking the man. But since it’s happening to him, and since he spends most of his time defending himself (instead of defending Christ), he’s lashed out at his critics, demanding that they realize how much of a cuckold he truly is.

“Oh, I’m not racist! In fact, I’m only saying this because I love black people soooo super much! If anyone’s racist, it’s you! My critics! You’re racist for trying to claim black people have a unique and esoteric identity!” ~ Shotgun’s paraphrase of Dr. White’s rhetoric.

All this shows that the modern Reformed movement is clueless about real-world affairs, has no idea how to handle itself in the America of Trump, Trayvon, and Dylann Roof. They’re bumbling children, the lot of them. Without Kinists, these people are doomed to emasculating irrelevancy (John Knox is rolling over in his grave).

On the Kinist view, Dr. White was at least ostensibly right about the boy. If the so-called leaders in the black Reformed community wanted to really be leaders, they’d find the kid (or those like him) and wear his hind-parts out – and afterwards, try catechizing him. They’d realize how destitute the black identity has become, thanks to the jews who run America’s pop-culture, and thanks to the satanic university professors. They’d not only support White’s commentary, but add to it the negro flare for religiosity their people are so good at.

…the leaders in the white Reformed community understand the black boy’s angst against the police vehicle is an outgrowth of his people’s folk narrative, a narrative of hatred for all things antique European. In a way, that police car does represent the law-like customs of old Anglo-Saxon Europe and the black boy’s instincts cry out against it. In fact, he gains standing and respect among his people for openly and brazenly defying that old Christian order.

If White really wants to be an apologist for Christendom, let him start by recognizing outright this hostility and for God’s sake, not prostrating himself before it after doing so.

But he wont, readers. You know it and I know it. If he survives this scandal (and he probably will), he’ll change his tune. The next time you hear James White comment on a racial issue, it’ll be par-for-the-politically-correct-course, and he’ll not deviate one inch. He’ll sing the new song.

Kinists, however, will not.

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24 Responses to A Kinist’s Take on the James White Scandal

  1. Junius Daniel says:

    ‘He shares a major flaw with all the other modernist theologians, though. He loves an abstracted set of doctrines more than the God of his ancestors,’

    Mr. Terry, I go round and round with some in my country church over this. Fortunately, I have a lot of support from the majority, who have NOT forgotten their daddy’s, and granddaddy’s way.

  2. Tim Harris says:

    Contrast the James White anecdote with what I learned from an Italian fellow I once had the pleasure to work with, about him growing up in South Philly. He explained that in that Italian community, if a kid did something bad — say, threw a rock through a window, or kicked a dog, or insulted an old lady — people would have observed it, and not only rebuked him, but put the phone network into gear. Before the kid could run back to his house and try to sneak in through the front door, his father would already be there waiting for him, with belt unfurled.

    That was a neighborhood! That was a folk!

    Conversely, when the older are terrified to rebuke the younger, then that civilization is over.

    Consequently, what White’s cucked critics are saying (and apparently White is agreeing with them) is that it is not possible to live as a community with Blacks. If part of the community is beyond rebuke, then it is not a community.

    The multi-cult agenda comes full circle and confesses (involuntarily; by instinct) that multi-cult is not even possible.

    • Amen. America’s chosen can’t be touched or criticized.

      What’s sad is that “leaders” in the Reconstructionist movement are leading the charge against Dr. White. Joel McDurmon is showcasing the politically-correct end of the Reconstruction movement; it ends with the outraged cries of social-justice egalitarians.

  3. rogerunited says:

    ‘They were appalled that a white man would be presumptuous enough to pass judgment on a poor, misunderstood black boy, who, like Trayvon and all the other cherub-cheaked black children in the US of A, was likely innocent of White’s stereotypes.’

    This reminded me of an article out of Florida. A 17 year old burglar was shot and killed by the homeowner. The news contacted his erudite cousin for comment:

    “You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

  4. Fr. John+ says:

    Shotgun- is the Deformed rank and file, THIS BAD?

    Understand, I haven’t been in a CR/OPC church in more than a quarter century, since I last talked with Rush, but i thought they were still ‘ok’ – more or less. The PCA (in reading over at Faith and Heritage) and the occasional Deformed nut case (John Piper) I knew of, but all of them? I cut my racial teach over at LG, and then SWB, as it were. But at least I thought I knew where those guys were coming from….now, it appears I AM an ‘old fogey’ out of touch with the modern moloch state.

    And, all I can say to that, is ‘Deo Gratias.’

    What I am riled up about, is when they change the WORDS of the song, and still have the 4-part chorale hymn in the Hymnal, and no one notices! The ‘yap and clap’ praise chorus CRAP, is NOT CHRISTIAN MUSIC. It is merely a baptized rock concert, and unworthy of the Sons of God.

    • Fr. John+ says:

      racial TEETH. LOL

    • Oh, it’s really bad. The past two decades of propaganda and government schooling were well worth the money Satanists put into them.

      • Junius Daniel says:

        Dear Mr. Terry,

        TODAY, Governor McCrory, of North Carolina, went on national television to defend our policy of NOT catering to those who wish to engage in unnatural and ungodly perversions.

        Please write him a small note, link below, even if you NOT are a Tarheel. He needs to hear from those outside of our state that they support him. As now 100 companies, in these here United States, have demanded we change our laws, he is coming under tremendous pressure.

        He has held his ground before – voting reform, Obamacare, Arab immigrants, etc, etc…

        Still, he needs to hear, frequently, from those of us who support him. He needs us to stand by his side, and, messaging him, does exactly that.


      • As a general rule, I don’t get involved in the pagan system. NC “lawmakers” may have made a semi-sane decision this go round, but what about a year or two from now? Who knows?

        I’ve seceded from Satania. I don’t know what the pagans wearing badges will or wont do, but I know what I’ll do.

  5. Fr. John+ says:


  6. Junius Daniel says:

    Mr/. Terry, I accept you position and respect you for stating it to me.

    That said, it is very lamentable.


    Because we need people like you engaged at every level.

    Without you, antique Tarheels, such as I, are in danger of being overwhelmed,

    We need every hand on board – irrespective of the fact that we don’t see eye to eye on every single issue of a several hundred.

    • Need me to do what, though?

      Every prayer I’ve prayed for the last 10 years has included a request for God to tell me what I’m supposed to do and give me a hint about my purpose on Earth. He’s maddeningly silent on the issue. As far as I’m concerned, I have no purpose…just another plantation worker hoping to keep his slave wages as long as possible. A hedonist?

      What else is there? You tell me.

  7. Junius Daniel says:

    Mr. Terry : if you are not praying to God of Abraham, then I have nothing to offer you. On the other hand, if you are praying to him, then I can offer this : The Lord’s plan is for you to come up with your own plan.

    God made us his creative partners, and senior partners over ourselves. So, you do, and he will react – either negating you opportunity, or helping with you with it.

    So, let’s get down to some questions and observations :

    You have a very facile mind and are a very sensitive fellow. You write right, (well:) and, I do not doubt that you could learn to be a good novelist. You certainly have a lot to say, and are off to a good start in that regard.

    How about dedicating yourself to writing a novel? – a 3 year project. I’ll be happy to be one of your critical readers, and give you my feedback, when you want it.

    What would be the novel?

    Oh. let’s say : about a young man who, feeling quite entirely out of tune with his time in history, takes his girl to the county fair and, in the haunted house of mirrors, accidently bumps into a reflection of a ghost (himself – though he knows it not) – a this ghost oddly begins to shadow him, leading to a novel of events and unexplained flashbacks to the antebellum period, that lead to an exciting climax, and many deep spooky realizations (many people who are in his life in the 21 st century were in his life in the 1860s) along the way.

    Write this novel tongue and cheek, like you tend to write, already.

    The central premise of the novel is that God, seeing the young man give his life for his country, on the field of honour in 1865, tries to compensate the young man, for having given his life before he could live his story according to his own terms, by allowing him to be reborn into an era where there is little honour, and people ONLY think of themselves.

    The question asked by the novel is : is modern man ‘evolved’ or ‘devolved’?

  8. Junius Daniel says:

    As to your purpose, I gave you a suggestion for part of it. Yet, just ads important is being in a community of others, and finding joy in being with them ,and in serving them.

    I pray you will go to a country church, once a week, until you find one where you really like the people. Don’t worry about the religious part of it. That will come. if they ask you why you are there, when you are not exactly interested in being saved, just tell them a friend sent you.

    You need to be regularly a part of a group of people, that is not an outgrowth of your politicks.

    Isolation, both inner and outer, is a big part of the Devil’s plan, in this time in history. Take some easy, but, concrete steps, to get out of that.

    In the end, this is our purpose – to love our work, to work at what we love, and to be with those who loves us and those whom we can love.

    Don’t let the Devil talk you out of it.

    All the best, Me.

    • I’ll give your plan a shot, although a few points of clarification:

      1. I’ve been a Carolinian all my life, a proud member of the Tidewater region. Excepting my brief decade abroad, I’ve always lived here.

      2. I’m a Christian and love Jesus – if that doesn’t mean I’m saved, then I’m hopeless because I don’t have anything else to offer. As for the country church, I’ve talked about the difficulties with it. I’ll either have to attend with a bad conscience (for not speaking out against the travesties I’ll hear there) or I’ll speak out and get excommunicated. That will cause needless pain for everyone. So i’m not sure I can take that part of your advice. Still, maybe I can find one that suits me? I’ll try.

      3. I can’t write the novel you suggest, although it sounds interesting. Maybe you can have a career as a novelist? I’ve been working on something myself recently. I’ll give you the first line of it:

      “This is the story of how three country preachers saved the world…or, at least, reminded it that it’s already been saved.”

      I’ve put most of my fiction over on the Southern Romantic site if you’re interested (no one seems to be judging from the traffic, which is probably for the best, lol). I’ve got some poems and a garbled short story. You might like the short story?


      Thank you as always for the encouraging advice and words of wisdom.

  9. Junius Daniel says:

    Thank you. I don’t have time to look at the story, tonight, because I am going to bed to get up for church, in the morning.

    Yes, I am a novelist, though, as for you, I was just shooting on the fly.
    Be that as it may – I’m glad to hear you are working on something. Just make sure that, whatever it is that you are working on – that it is something deeply important to you, and, if it is about your ‘ugly antique world-view, that it is buried in the novel, and does not come out and hit the reader, early on, on the nose.

    I’m so glad to hear that you love Jesus. Now, I can stop worrying about you.

    Well, as you know, I live in the Tidewater area, like you, though, at the northeastern quadrant. My wife and I met, in the 1990s, in little Washington, in Beaufort county – a wond’rously eccentrick and ole-timey place.

    Your opinion about speaking out at a country church may be right in some places – it is not right everywhere. I speak out at my church – and have from the first day. And, believe you me, I say all sorts of ‘horrifying things’ in bible class – like praising the KKK for having saved North Carolina after the War of Northern Aggression, condemning Jewish culture for trying to overrun The South. I have drawn cheers, from the older congregants, for openly opposing those who want to integrate the church, and, as well for telling them that those efforts, from up on high in the Southern Baptist Convention, to turn the congregation into a bunch of rainbow multicultural Passover practicing Zionists IS a satanick blasphemy; that it not only deifes scripture, it defies everything their daddies, granddaddies, and great granddaddies (putrefying just out back at the sounds of burgeoning multiculturalism) believed in and fought for. I tell them not to be so arrogant as to think that, all of a sudden, we ‘see’ the truth, and out ancestors misst it.

    I have some great admirers in my church, and others not, largely because of my forthrightness on these issues. Some think I am certifiable, because of these things.

    Still, I am accepted, as is my wife and we are all family. The little country church (Ashley’s Grove) has become a home for both my wife and me.

    I want to warn you about something. Every time you need to do something in your life, or be somewhere (like church) it is Satan who whispers to you all the impossibilities of it. Turn away from those voices, for, though they always appear to be logical and well-founded, they are the perverters of all that is right and holy, within you.

    Remember, being a Christian and a White Southerner is a magical phenomenon, and none of it answers to the left side of the brain, therefore, anything logical, that stops you, or hinds you, from being either, is tripe.

    God bless you. Sleep well.

  10. G.C Turner says:

    I was just wondering if you’ve got a Twitter? I’ve tried to find one but I couldn’t find it. Also, on Rebel Yell you said you were going to be doing YouTube. I’m an anon Alt-Right individual, so I was just wondering if you were going to be making a jewtube (joke) account?

    • No Twitter…and yeah, I hope to have a youtube channel up and running in the next few weeks. But what I hope for and what actually ends up happening, well…

      • G.C. Turner says:

        Understand that. Also, I’m born and raised NC Piedmont (Mecklenburg surrounding County), but family moved down to FL (going to school currently) until we’ll be moving back up. How receptive do you think native N Carolinians will be to SoNat in the future?

      • North Carolinians are a snobbish bunch so I think the Southern Nationalists would have to present their case in a way that’s especially sensitive to social inclusion. Maybe trade out the protests and flags for bake sales and speaking engagements (ie: sponsor a Southern historian or pro-southern thinker to come in and lecture on a benign topic: “how the South got its roads” or “General Forrest: the Man, the Legend.” etc.).

  11. Junius Daniel says:

    Dear Mr. Turner and Mr. Terry,

    As a Tarheel, who is familiar with all three parts of the state, I can safely vouch for the fact that there is a culture of pridefulness here, generally.

    Our culture is an outgrowth of the colony of Jamestown, and, as such – we are Virginia Jr; and, generally speaking, there has never been a man on earth more sublimely sure of himself than a Virginian.

    Further, Tarheels are generally averse to serious talk with strangers. We don’t do it; hence, spreading Southern Nationalism would have to be done by Tarheels – unless you are in Yankee occupied multicultural zones, such as Asheville, Greenville, Charlotte, Raleigh, or Jacksonville, though, in that case, most would be simply anathema to ANY southern nationalist message, as they consider themselves ‘one equal part of the same human race.’

    In defence of our ‘uppitiness’, I will say this to y’all ; although we Tarheels have been damaged by our university system, the Yankee government, and the perverted media, we are showing every sign of resilience.

    We still believe, deep down, that we know best, and we will need every ouncc of that, as the culture war broadens, and turns to scorcht earth.

    Any Southerns who does not believe himself supreme, is not worthy of the name. We are a proud race.

  12. Grey Rebel says:

    Mr. Terry,
    I had held out some hope that you would be wrong in your prediction. Not because I thought you were wrong, in fact I knew you were right, but because I was once on the other side and old heroes are not easily left behind. A vain hope.
    I have not listened to his webcast for a long time. But today I saw that he would be responding to the comments of a black evangelical on the election, so I listened. Only for a short time. I don’t think anything more needs to be said on this matter than you already have, so I’ll just stick with this: you were right.

    • Really sad to hear.

      There’s a video going around Facebook of his daughter. She’s started a video podcast “Sheologians”. She and her tattooed, pierced, friend seem to mock (or, at least, playfully satirize) femininity and homemaking. I hate to hear what their brand of “anti-feminism” will sound like.

      • Grey Rebel says:

        I’m not going to give myself the opportunity to be disappointed or disgusted with her. I saw a link to one of the videos a while back and didn’t watch. Yet, I wonder if the name is supposed to be a feminised take on “Theos”, which I think is disrepectful, or another version of “Sheol”.


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