Heimbach the Yankee?


I joke on Heimbach about being a Yankee and he always corrects me by noting that he’s from a region on the upper crust of old Dixie. Nevertheless, his region was culturally dominated by what Colin Woodard calls the “Midlanders” and Heimbach himself is of Midlander ethnicity (Germanic descent). It’s no wonder he has typically Midlander political and religious views.

I’ve been wrestling with that since he published his article “The Confederate Flag is Racist: Get Over It.” I’ve been asking myself if certain political ideals go into shaping a people’s identity. Surely that can’t be true, can it? That would mean there is a propositional aspect to identity, and that goes against what we’ve all been saying for years now. As if a black guy can simply become “white” by declaring he has certain political ideals. Absurd!

But at the same time, there does seem to be a correlation between ethnic group identity and political ideals. Even religious ideals. So, I’ll set aside the deep sociological questions about identity-formation for now and simply suggest that to be Southern, among many other things, means one has a set of typical religious / political views, expressed differently by different Southerners, certainly, but similar at the roots.

…and Heimbach does not share those views. To be fair, neither do most southerners these days. But then again, most southerners educated enough to ask such questions, don’t want to be southern anyway. I would venture to say that all southerners who are educated enough to ask such questions, and who love the South, would share some form of traditionally southern political views. Just look at Abbeville or ISI, or the neo-agrarians. They’re all in a “Southern” political tradition, even if, in my humble opinion, they’ve forsaken the heart of it. They’re still in the spectrum.

But Heimbach, in his article on the Confederate Flag, presents a typical anti-Southern view of the South. One common among Yankees, Midlanders, and left-wing revisionists in general: a bunch of evil “elitist” capitalist plantation owners, exploited poor, put-upon negros, for the sake of greed and gain, thus devastating both the blacks and the poor working class whites in the south.

Contrast this with Abbeville’s Dr. Clyde Wilson:

“Nor was the Old South the backward, poverty-stricken, oligarchical society of hostile polemics, in which not only the slaves but the mass of whites were beyond the pale of civilization. To the contrary, Southern society was dynamic and prosperous. Its agriculture, on both slave plantation and yeoman farm, was more productive and efficient than the Northern. Far from stagnating, the Southern economy expanded at a rate in the late antebellum period that has few equals in history.”

He goes on to say:

Southern per capita income was equal to Northern, just as evenly distributed among whites, and higher than that of most of Europe in even recent times. ~ Defending Dixie pg. 172

Wilson talks about the philosophy of historiography and the proper use of cliometric data in historical interpretation, noting that the majority of modern scholarship about the South is rife with bias (as we’d all expect). Blacks never had it so good in all their history, and poor whites found themselves, nevertheless, part of a noble Christian civilization. Not that it matters particularly, but “wealth” was more evenly distributed in the Old South than it is in some modern European nations. Why Heimbach believes the government school version of Dixie is beyond me, unless, again, it has something to do with his typically Midlander group identity.

It might be something more sinister? I’ve heard tale of revolutionaries who care more for their political ideals than they do for the people they’re ostensibly speaking out for. How many of “the people” were the French Revolutionaries prepared to slaughter in defense of “the people”? Heimbach’s commentary on the South is a Socialist’s commentary. Does he care more for the political ideology of Socialism than he does for the people of the South? Would he rather hold to socialism at the expense of the South? Or will he see the South in the best possible light, even at the expense of socialism?

I know Heimbach and I’m sure if the question were put to him like this he’d easily make the right choice. But this is a subtle and difficult question all modern leaders have to struggle with. And Heimbach is a leader. According to the latest media, he’s the next David Duke. He’s the Little Furhur!

He’ll have to answer it for himself.

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9 Responses to Heimbach the Yankee?

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    I have long been of the opinion that different ETHNOSES (strains of our ‘one, common, Adamic Nature’) are visible, in the different nationalities of Europe. Why, such ethnic particularities are visible/enscripturated, even in the 12 Tribes of Israel. That is because each people, each ‘Ethnos’ each ‘tribe’ possess, or have different TRAITS, that are as much GENETIC as they are RACIAL.

    That all 12,….err, 13 ‘tribes’ of Israel (the father) did NOT also all have the same Mother, is not a minor genetic fact of no importance; indeed, it is of fundamental importance, as we read it in Scripture. Each of Jacob’s/Israel’s sons were characterized by different (to use an older word) ‘temperaments’, as well as different names; even their ‘marching orders’ were unique. (cf. http://www.biblestudy101.org/Lists/12tribes.html and http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/The-Twelve-Sons-of-Jacob-Who-Became-The-Twelve-Tribes-Of-Israel )

    Heimbach converted to a form of Orthodoxy- sadly, he believed the Ay-rab lies of patrimony derived from the Apostles, and it backfired on him, via his ‘excommunication’ from a modernist bishop that is as little ‘orthodox’ as some RCC bishops peddling pederasty for Franky the Heretic, these days.

    “…whether or not I like Frank Schaeffer’s politics or his moral theology, or whether or not his support of abortion and gay rights are compatible with the tradition of the Church, the reality is that he is well within the mainstream of current Orthodox opinion in America. According to the PEW survey, the majority of Orthodox laity agree that abortion and gay marriage should be legal. It may surprise you, then, that the problem isn’t Schaeffer – it’s us…We see the same prevalence of pro-choice, pro-gay marriage positions among Orthodox politicians. This kind of a consistent pattern of belief does not just happen. As in the Catholic Church, we see in the Orthodox Church evidence of a significant pastoral failing. This appears to be more than just a widespread lack of sound moral education for the faithful. It appears to be an embrace of, or at least resignation to, the influence of secularism in our parishes.” – http://www.oldjamestownchurch.com/blog/2016/3/30/episcopalianizing-american-orthodoxy-round-ii.html

    But there is, in the ethnic strain of Heimbach (and now Hunter Wallace over at OD, converting to a form of pietistic Lutheran milquetoastedness) a sort of Germanic pragmatism that can be, and often, is at odds with my own Celtic “humors,” (as it were) – and (in H’s case) the modernist Arab/Greek pseudo-dox, to round out the ethnic potpourri that is now “Amurrica.”

    One can note of the Orthodox that many Anglo converts to Russian Orthodoxy (on the other side of the fence, a far more strict form of Orthodoxy), for instance, seem to confuse the ‘suffering slave soul mentality’ of the ethnic RUS, as synonymous with the theanthropic faith, known as ‘Holy Orthodoxy.’ Yet the Celts (and thereby, the English, who are over 50% celt) were Orthodox for a 1000 years, prior to the Rus!!!

    I BELIEVE this ethnic particularity is one of the reasons why Orthodoxy noted that each nation should allow their own form of Orthodoxy to grow and flourish- to take on another’s ‘forms’ of Orthodoxy IS NOT Orthodoxy; but is a moderate (and sometimes, severe) and unknowing form of ETHNIC PHYLETISM on the Russian convert’s parts. (One thinks of Farther ANDREW over in the UK. Once he wrote lovingly of the English saints. Today, he sounds more like a Czarist informant, than an Englishman!)

    This racial particularity, not being noted as a created thing, and NOT part of the ‘deposit of the faith,’ also was a devastating blow to enslaving the entire Russian people, for over seventy years, because they BELIEVED they deserved to be enslaved! As Solzhenitsyn remarked, had the Rus just been a little bit more ‘hot headed’ like the Celts, the Jewish Bolsheviks might not have won!

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Just as (for my part of the world) the Nordic types suffer from the sin of “Jante Law” mindsets, yet most of us NEVER even realize it exists (a point I have written on – here is a link to one of the articles that explains it, and explains the Upper Midwest’s sort of Swedish self-destruction mantra)…

    So, too, it is possible that Heimbach neither sees the one phyletism he ‘tried on,’ when he joined to Orthodoxy, (only to have it bit him in the butt, when he began to augur for White National Self-Interest) and thereby raised the ire of the ‘Foreign’ Bishops over him (which should never have been, in the first place), while he NOW, perhaps, does not even realize that, apart from the corrective nature of a VALID Orthodoxy that RESPECTS HIS RACE, his Yankee/Germanic nature is now asserting itself, without the grace of a communion that either respects it, or understands it, in this case. Funny that I, a Yankee, can understand and appreciate what the Stars and Bars means, and feel more for it, than I do the Stars and Stripes, never having lived in the South… could it be, because I am a CELT?

    Joseph’s brethren did evil and some repented, while others of his brethren did not. So, too, today, as Adam’s children, WE NEED EACH OTHER to temper our various and different temperaments, in our common fight against the Pagan, the Turk, and the Jew. Our inability to see that we are BOTH ‘kings Kids’ as well as different in our respective created natures, is just one more weapon in the Devil’s arsenal, that we cannot afford to go into battle, unknowing….

    Or we shall surely perish.

  2. Fr. John+ says:

    There is an update to my earlier comment. It would appear that Heimbach, in having been excommunicated by the Antiochians for ‘phyletism’ has caused an almost-great article to be penned by Dr. Matthew Johnson, (a convert to Orthodoxy).


    Trouble is, Johnson is indulging in a sort of ‘reverse phyletism’ of his own, that he has now led Heimbach into, namely the ‘Convert as Russophile or Grecophile, instead of AMERICAN Orthodox’ error. But at least this article has some buttressing points to my comments above. I only wish Matt H. had not listened to the siren song of the ‘more orthodox than thou’ mindset of the Grecophilic/Russophilic sorts….

  3. Junius Daniel says:

    Mr. Heimbach is a Yankee National Socialist who is sympathetick to elements of our cause (The Southron Confederacy)

    That said, he is neither we, nor does he understand us well enough to speak for our symbols or our society.

    Like many of his kind, his sympathies incline him to co-opt our symbols, but, that said, they remain not his.

    Our symbol is, plainly put, a blended symbol of Christianity and Constitutionalism – in short, our world view.

    You can add in, or delete, white supremacy, and our symbol still remains the same.

    In many ways, our flag is the antithesis of Mr. Heimbach’s views, given that he has openly declared himself ‘A Czarist’.

    ‘Czarism’, no matter how fascinating, is not very Southern. No, not, at all.

    • Well, it’s going to be really hard to say who is and isn’t “southern” because saying so requires opening a whole bag of tough discussions. That goes double for defining terms in political philosophy (“constitutionalism”, National socialism, Nationalism, etc. etc. etc.).

      I think the best way to cut to the heart of it all is to figure out what myth a man believes in. Find out a man’s myth and you find out a man’s identity. But in saying this, I’m saying the poet is more important than the theologian and I’ll get in all sorts of trouble…

      • Junius Daniel says:

        Yes, I agree with this, Mr. Terry. That said, when I read and watch Mr. Heimbach’s commentary or interviews, it seems clear to me that his myths are not much Confederate.

        He favours autocracy, and that, by and large, is the antithesis to the unautocratick uncentralized Confederate view.

        So, your reaction to a lot of his thinking seems perfectly logical to me.

        I don’t think it is so hard to say who is ‘Southern’.

        There are two basick models – scalawags (those who have been ‘educated’ to feel we need the Yankee government to protect us from our own ‘stupidity’) and the other – who, at the core of his existence, has a love for our culture, warts and all (depending on what you happen to think those are)

        Psychick elements of a Southerner’s love for his culture are the following ; fried foods, tall stories, twangy guitars, a competitive reverence for Jesus Chryst, R.E. Lee, mama, and Stone wall Jackson (not necessarily in that order) a suspicion of government, lengthy experimentations with tobacco and bourbon, a nostalgia (oft hidden) for the Stars & Bars) a passion for daisy-mays, inclinations to football and fast cars, a wariness of brambles and poison vines, tall tales of snakes and uncertain critterdom, a beleif in the waning peculiarities of feudal nobility, an innate desire to be hospitable and unharsh of temper, a stronger awareness of the implications of race than those elsewhere, presently in this union, a love of sunny days and a morbid fear of snow, and a fondness for taking ‘rides’.

        Well, I could go on, but, I do b’lieve, there is enough of an aggregate of myth, in the aforementioned, to get the point.

        Sincerely, Junius

  4. Fr. John+ says:

    Looking for a ‘Southern’ take on MH, is an incorrect way towards solving the problem. The problem, gentlemen, is not Yankees (of which, sadly, I am one) or Southerners (of which y’all are some of the better representatives) but of the KINGDOM of God. MH has become an Autarkist, because ALL Christians MUST submit (eventually, even if it means denying ‘the Republic, for which it stands’) to the Truth claims of Orthodox Christianity (either big or little ‘o’- take your pick).

    We are supposed to pray ‘thy KINGDOM come’ … on Earth, as it IS in Heaven, yes? But believing that one can maintain the fiction of a representative democracy (or even a federal republic… which we have not had, for over a century and a half- remember Lincoln, and the WBTS?) while thinking it the ‘currrent year’ version of God’s Kingdom, is heresy. I’m putting it out, plain and simple.

    IF you haven’t gone over to the national socialist Daily Stormer website, you ought to. There are Christians, CI types, as well as the less-enlightened folk who think AH was somehow akin to either Odin or Christ (I try to bat them down, periodically, to the best of my ability) and the out-and-out hardcore pagan ‘Not-sees’, who do not realize that they neither partake of an Austrian Catholic painter’s worldview from the 1930’s, nor his cultural morality… if you know what I mean.

    The point I am making is that the world, is CHANGING. With Putin’s near-adulatory ratings, and the ‘rise of Trump’, as well as the acknowledgment from people like ‘Hunter Wallace’ over at Occidental Dissent, that the Republican Party is morphing beyond what even the ‘conservatives’ can control (globalist, money-lending, fiat currency Moloch Worshipers, all) … and that this is a GOOD THING.

    As Trump himself noted just yesterday or the day before, ‘I am running as a Republican, NOT as a conservative.’ – http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2016/05/08/trump-this-is-called-the-republican-party-not-the-conservative-party/

    “A successful President Trump would owe nothing to the #TruCons and the GOP establishment who opposed him. He would be free to redefine the Republican Party as a populist and nationalist party. The whole #TruCon clique would be discredited and would fade away like the Rockefeller Republicans.

    Speaking of which, Trump may have already concluded that the #TruCons and GOP establishment will never be reconciled to their defeat, so the time has come to go full populist and revolutionize the party…”

    The fallacy (Because multiculturalism) of a Democracy or a Republic continuing to exist (in the minds of stuck-in-the-mud Southerners, OR dyed-in-the-wool Yankees) is OVER.

    A nationalist, populist consciousness is awakening in the train of Trump’s campaign- which is a good thing. What Christians need to do NOW, is not to try and re-make ‘Democracy’ into the IDOL it has become, but to work to make a Nationalist, or even National Socialist post-Trump America, more like the KINGDOM we are SUPPOSED TO HAVE, with an Ethnarch as our LEADER, and NOT the Multicultural Metrosexual Bastard such as Obama has been, and NEVER AGAIN LOOK BACK, to the ‘fleshpots of Egypt.’

    If that means Czar Trump, and a national religion, that is as willing to be an American Orthodoxy, as it is to jettison the PCA’s inclusivized Presbytuckianism, then, SO BE IT.

    May God propser the work of HIS HANDS.
    Nothing else matters.

    • Junius Daniel says:

      ‘Looking for a ‘Southern’ take on MH, is an incorrect way towards solving the problem.’

      Father, I am not implying that Mr. Heimbach ‘has a problem’.

      I was simply talking about his incongruous relationship towards our flag, the stars & bars.

      As to Trump, I am my family are supporting him. That said, for us, as Southerners, there can be no longterm fix, in a godless empire, short of secession.

      Our flag, with the cross of St. Andrew and the blood of Chryst, is our only tangible hope.

      God bless you.


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