Shotgun vs. the Demon


I get furious when I read about the torture murders of white women and the elderly. How modern white men allow this sort of thing is beyond me. Each story makes my blood boil. And yet, where do we aim our pistols? Shoot in any direction and you’ll hit an enemy. The only problem is, for everyone we kill, ten more are in line to take his place.

I set out to find a single enemy and went through the who’s who of global elitists but I realized, in the end, they’re not the real threat either. I want the guy George Soros talks to via his Ouija board. I’m not overly concerned with Satanic hierarchy but I believe there are layers among them. I believe there are levels of fallen angels; maybe they’re divided up geographically? I think so (the Bible seems to indicate as much).

I’m not arrogant enough to try Satan, but I figured, given the otherwise meaningless life I’m living, I might as well direct my anger towards whatever goat-headed fiend has been put in charge of America. Him, I think I could take. I decided to get in the best shape of my life, practice my martial arts until my skills are at their peak, then challenge the bastard to a fight.

I told my Kinist friends about my plan. For the most part, they scoffed at me. A few ridiculed me. Some took me serious enough to offer reasons why I ought not try it. It would be considered “divination” they said, and is outlawed by divine law. Some said there’d be no way I could defeat the demon, even if he decided to take on physical form and fight.

I’m convinced these arguments are wrong – demons flee the servants of the most high; but seeing as how virtually all of my friends are against it, I decided to hold off and research some more. I stumbled over St. Athanasius’ biography of Antony the Great. Antony was one of the first Christian ascetics; he sought the Kingdom by going into the desert to fast and pray. While there, demons (and even Satan himself) supposedly challenged him. As I expected, they all fled when Antony defied them.

Still, Antony never fought one – he defied them through prayer and fasting. His lifestyle, while not recommended for the long haul, served to raise awareness of fervent Christianity, inspiring millions, even to this day.

So I put it to you, readers. What do you make of my plan?

Silly? Misguided? Heroic? Brave? Stupid? Suicidal?

What do you think will happen that fateful night in the woods, when I call up America’s demonic lord for combat?

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16 Responses to Shotgun vs. the Demon

  1. lazarusnorth says:

    You said in your last post you struggle with determining your calling in life. If you’re thinking seriously about that, you should realize that nowhere in Scripture is a man called to fight a demon with direct physical prowess. When it comes to spiritual confrontations with the powers or darkness, heed what the the Apostle wrote, “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.”

    In my opinion, you are already being attacked by Satan, but perhaps you don’t recognize him in the form of your own over-active imagination. Perhaps your vocation in life is more humble than you’d like to think, at least for the present. Remember the Scripture, “But we will not boast beyond limits, but will boast only with regard to the area of influence God assigned to us…”

    Clearly you’re boasting beyond your limits. Learn to suffer with humility and do the good deeds within your reach. Maybe you’ll get a larger role later, but first things first: He who is faithful in little is faithful in much.

    I posted this on your last entry, but I think it bears repeating, for all of us tempted by delusions of grandeur:

    The word that Jeremiah the prophet spoke to Baruch the son of Neriah, when he wrote these words in a book at the dictation of Jeremiah, in the fourth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah, king of Judah: “Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, to you, O Baruch: You said, ‘Woe is me! For the LORD has added sorrow to my pain. I am weary with my groaning, and I find no rest.’ Thus shall you say to him, Thus says the LORD: Behold, what I have built I am breaking down, and what I have planted I am plucking up—that is, the whole land. And do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not, for behold, I am bringing disaster upon all flesh, declares the LORD. But I will give you your life as a prize of war in all places to which you may go.”

    •… maybe *you* can’t beat a demon, but why can’t I?

      And the Bible doesn’t mention *any* calling for me (I’ve checked multiple times)…apparently one is as good as another as far as that goes.

      Have you ever read Lewis’ space trilogy? In the second, Ransom is playing the democratic game with the devil, trying to convince the Adam and Eve of an alien world not to be taken in by a Satanic manifestation. There’s a point when he realizes he’s moping around feeling sorry for himself, when, instead, he ought to simply sail onto the devil. An epic fight ensues.

      Maybe things are so bad in America because everyone thinks fighting demons is ridiculous or too hard? Maybe the fact that I’m the *only* one in the English speaking world willing to do it, is a testimony to that being my calling?

      What if I won? Just imagine. Or better yet…what if he doesn’t show up? I’d mock him for a coward the rest of my life.

      • lazarusnorth says:

        Get a grip, Scott! Life is not a fantasy novel, and you’re not the main character. Do you really want us to argue with you about this? It’s one thing to blow off the trite platitudes of the modern, degenerate church, but the people commenting here aren’t a bunch of cucks. Some of us like to think we’re your friends.

        Sometime it gets on my nerves when people parrot bible verses in an accusatory manner without really understanding, but in this case I’m going to risk offense and suggest the following *might* be relevant here.

        A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire;
        He rages against all wise judgment.

        A fool has no delight in understanding,
        But in expressing his own heart.

      • I’m starting to understand why the Puritan North degenerated into deism (then atheism).

      • lazarusnorth says:

        … Are you calling me a Yankee?

      • I think you display typical Reformed characteristics that were also typical of the New England Puritans and, in my view, led to the downfall of their religious progeny.

        I’ve also often said there’s a schizophrenia within Kinism…how to reject modernism without giving up modernity…?

  2. Junius Daniel says:

    Mr. Terry,
    I do believe there is a calling on your life; and, though you say it eludes you, I wonder if it truly does. I think you know what it is, though, you are so stymied by the difficulties of how to effectively go about it, in a godly manner, that you tell yourself you still are not sure what your calling is…
    Tell me, in less than 25 words, what you have been called to do. Don’t hesitate, don’t think, just write it quickly. Your fingers already know it.

  3. Fr. John+ says:

    Hear the ‘multitude of councillors’, Shotgun.

  4. Capt. John says:

    Shotgun….Don”t get anywhere near these things in a head to head. Lay off the Prison thinking…..You are not one of those folks. I know you must see/deal with it 50 times daily. Hard violence used to solve every thing.
    Pissed enough to fight to the death? I am too… but I’m not jumping in of a high speed train which is what your plan above appears to be.
    I work in Africa, well beyond any recognized human civilization. It depresses me like an old truck full of leaking oil sitting on my head. At times I do give up… woe is me, my life has no meaning. Hell man that’s one of demons punching your light ( mine too) out….. but last month a small but bright light went off in my chest. Just like a small light bulb went on and off. The Holy Spirit.
    Pray for my family and loved ones…. That was it… my task in life now….. Pray for others. My family. ( daughters, sons, grand kids, wife..etc) and also those Brothers in Sisters in Christ in Korea (North) and China. I live in the Orient so this may be my assigned prayer area, seems natural enough.
    May not be glorious or bright and shiny at the moment.. but it is what I’ve been asked to do for now.
    I hope to be faithful and obedient in this task…. A small warm candle on the face of the earth. No assignments to be a large bright rocket flare for me. I’ve been directed to be that small candle .Hope this helps… God Bless
    Your Brother in Christ,
    Capt. John

  5. Capt. John says:

    Apparently I sent my first posting off into the ether as it did not seem to arrive on your blog. Brother, I had those heavy crushing woe is me I’m a failure moments, well months going into years of them.
    You don’t think that is demon inspired if not direct battle with you already.?
    I work in Africa, so I know the heavy depression of months around violent low end folks …by the millions.
    Pray for others….. that’s it. Right now be a small candle in the dark. that alone will outrage any prog, lib, demon .
    Last month the Holy did rekindle the smoldering wick of my life. Only for a brief, bright milli second. I was given an assignment…. Pray for others.
    Be that small candle in the dark
    God Bless, Your Brother in Christ
    Capt. John P.S. I am not a Yankee either…..

  6. rogerunited says:

    So, if I encourage you do this, am I playing Devil’s Advocate?

  7. Ken says:

    The wiley character with a crooked grin and a babyish face will reveal himself to you when you least expect it and when you’re in a particular moment of weakness.

    You’re playing with fire thinking this way. Careful. Examine your motives.


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