The Apologist vs. the Machine

After doing apologetics for many years, I began thinking about the actual task of apologetics. I wasn’t winning souls for Christ, I knew that much. Contrary to what most preachers say about apologetics (Schaeffer, Warfield, etc.), I couldn’t see it as a prelude to evangelism. As if we’re clearing the intellectual muddle out of the unbeliever’s way, opening the straight and narrow path for his acceptance of truth. That didn’t square with what I saw happening.

I began to think of apologetics as a form of warfare – I gradually began to see myself as a knight in the democratic age, where we fought with words instead of guns. I saw myself as attacking the Devil’s strongholds and tearing down his talking points. But even that didn’t square with what I felt about my vigorous hobby.

Day in, day out, I’d do apologetics – in web-forums, chat rooms, through emails, and in whatever real life conversations I could get into. It was an obsession. If I wasn’t debating, I was reading, studying, striving to piece together my Christian worldview; sharpening my sword, as it were. I had no “life” (as moderns say it). My life was studying and debating.

It finally hit me that I was acting as if I thought God had honor and that His honor was being insulted by those godless heathen who dared utter their asinine arguments in public. They had to be brought low. They had to be rubbed out. They had to have their smug blasphemy utterly refuted and dissected in the arena of debate.

I lost my zeal for this sort of game though. I haven’t zealously debated anyone in years and couldn’t bring myself to read analytic philosophy if someone held me at gunpoint and demanded it. Is it because I don’t think God’s honor is daily being mocked by these heathen? No. I still believe that and I still think He deserves earthly champions who’ll fight for His honor just like we’d fight for the honor of our fathers and earthly kings if they were insulted.

I think I gradually become convinced that the unbeliever’s problem wasn’t intellectual in the least. It really isn’t. Since his problem isn’t intellectual, no amount of intellectual battling will help. No, what they really deserve (in most cases) is a good punch in the nose. In extreme cases, these blasphemers deserve death (according to the Bible itself). I can’t bring myself to bandy words with them because doing so, seems to me, dishonors God even more.

To sum it up, I think I could say that our Satanic culture churns out blasphemers by the thousands and it’s *that*…the Devil’s machine…that stands as one large, abomination that causes desolation. It’s *that* which must come down.

Every. Last. Bit. of. It.

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3 Responses to The Apologist vs. the Machine

  1. private says:

    I chatted with you a bunch on Paltalk but I can’t recall you ever actually doing arguing for any particular position, not even the existence of God. This was always frustrating to me, as I thought you sounded like a thoughtful and reasonable person. But you would always talk about other things and never get down to the nitty-gritty of clearly stating your premises and defending them with argumentation. At least, I cannot remember you ever doing so.

  2. Vs the genuinely modern indoctrinated and curious apologetics is part of evangelism. With IRL people you have a relationship apologetics means you can answer when they ask you. Apologetics is cognitive dissonance between the view of the ignorant anti-science Christian and the reality they see in front of them. That kind of pain is one of those things that can bring people to a point of decision, and getting people to a real point of decision is all evangelism is. That we preach the Gospel throughout the world. Not that that people vaguely have some idea of a Christian religion as modern do, but that they know in some sense the depth and breadth of the proposition of the Gospel, and in good faith accept or reject it. They must be painted a picture of the Kingdom of Heaven that isn’t waived off as cloud castles, a picture of Hell that in a moment of honesty they can understand themselves worthy of. A picture of God that is not small next to the cosmos (which is what they actually think when you begin) but which makes the cosmos smaller than at thimble.

    In that relationship, which may take months or years to build on other grounds, in that apologetics is part of evangelism.

    But it is not for the fool who herps and rails against God (IRL or on the net) while clearly not understanding or caring to understand anything, not even them-self. This is pearls before swine.

    The blasphemer does deserve death, and will get it. But my old missionary uncle had said, when he was young in Africa no one really knew anything about Christ other than a vague idea that Christianity was some religion. Now he’s old and home and no one in North America really knows anything about Christ other than a vague idea that Christianity is some religion. Some can be taught. Many cannot.


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