Last Knight of the Golden Circle


My friend Michael Cushman has made another appearance on the excellent “Rebel Yell” podcast. I never hear him without coming away truly inspired and motivated to achieve my best. He’s a true Southern gent. and I wish there were hundreds more like him.

They cover a lot of important topics here; Cushman’s advocacy of Fitzhugh, alone, is worth the time. The host, Musonius Rufus, jokes about Cushman being the leader of the remnant Knights of the Golden Circle, and how I wish that were true.

If I ever come into a fortune, I’d start such a secret society. We’d have secret meetings and work to undermine local Southern politics, get our people elected, publish novels, and hide vast resources of gold in obscure national parks where some young Southerner with an adventurous spirit and keen intellect might work out the clues and find it (or, at the very least, we’d start a scholarship fund).

Anyway – another great episode and well worth a listen.


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One Response to Last Knight of the Golden Circle

  1. GP says:

    That was a really fun interview to listen to. I listened to another one with him a month or two ago, and it was great too. He seems like the kind of guy you just can’t help but want to be around. Lot of great insight as well.


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