The Alt. Right’s Holy Trinity


Some Christian commentators want to throw out the Alternative Right all together, but it’s hard to separate entirely once you’ve met some of the guys, slept on their couches, or had beers with them. A sober morning later, the Christian realizes he’s simply not at home with them. He might visit, he might be friends (or go fishing) with some of the self-proclaimed “fashy goys”, but at the end of the day, he loves old Europe, while the Alt. Right guys love a new, enlightened, materialistic machine.

This leads to an off-the-cuff thesis I’ve been tossing around. I think the Alternative Right will implode after Donald Trump wins the presidency – and by “implode”, I mean, it’ll eat itself. To understand why I’m predicting this, direct your attentions to the classic work by Neil Postman “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” Postman predicted a television show that would lampoon all other television shows, thus trivializing television itself. In a sense, he predicted Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy.”

Family Guy promoted a culture of sacrilege among an entire generation; there was no passion behind MacFarlane’s subtle ideological axe grinding. Rather, any position deemed sacred, be it Christianity or liberal taboo, was fair game, targeted, and lampooned without a twang of conscience. The show features everything from blasphemous skits about Jesus Christ, to “racist” and “sexist” jokes – an equal opportunity offender. Out of this rancid fire rose an entire generation of young men, willing to attack anything with sarcasm, wit, and foul buffoonery.

The religion of liberalism is the most sacred of all beliefs in the modern west, adhered to by legions and enforced from the top down; these young lads eagerly attacked it with memes and so-called “sh– posting.” (Pardon the profanity, but the profane inundates alt. right terminology). Those especially adept at “sh– posting” are known as “sh– lords.” They tear down the walls of the liberal religion and in so doing, formed bonds of camaraderie while simultaneously opening doors to previously taboo ideas. Nothing can be taboo for this new generation. Nothing can be sacred. They seek out the sacred and destroy it, wherever it’s found.

Of course, this all takes place within a materialistic, secular paradigm. The kids were indoctrinated into materialism by their government schools and are unable to think outside its box. The “Alt. Right”, in essence, is a bunch of government school secularists, blaspheming the liberal religion. Hence, the Holy Trinity of the alternative right:

Government School (the Father); Seth MacFarlane (the Son); and The Internet (the Holy Spirit).

Posting memes against the sacred ideals of liberaldom is their sacrament.

But what then? What happens when their ideas become the new sacred? They’ll eat each other, I’m afraid.

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6 Responses to The Alt. Right’s Holy Trinity

  1. They are all informally indoctrinated in Critical Theory and don’t realize that they are practicing dogma of the Judæo-Liberal Orthodoxy. They don’t do it on principle, but because it is “fun, easy, and pays well.” They don’t have to believe in our God, but we still should identify and curve those to the realization of the faulty tool in their box. Their hearts are ours. Like always, are job will be the hardest.

  2. Fr. John+ says:

    I think you are painting with too broad a brush, Shotgun.

    Clearly, you are talking about the Daily Stormer crowd (or I am reading into things…. and, if so, forgive me); but if it IS so – may I point out, I came to that website over two years ago, from the less-edgy Occidental Dissent. [“Hunter Wallace” is a convert to LCMS ‘paci-doxy’ (the “We’re confessional German Lutherans, and we don’t want to get into battles; Seminex was too much for us, forty years ago…” mindset) and his own columnar edginess has been dulled even more severely since marriage and kid, and conversion to the creed of his father, the late Gordon Baum.]

    Yes, many of the ‘alt-right’ kids are irreverent boors, enjoying waay too much their youthful hedonism, and attacks on the PTB- which include the quite deserving ‘Evan=jelly=goo’ Xtians, who are going along with the Multiculti heresy. In other words, Shibboleths that NEED tearing down!
    But these kids are also seeing that the one man they apparently idolize (AH, a certain austrian painter) was, himself, devoted to the ‘manners of civilized society;’ and a large number of them, over the last year (since Trump- “BT and AT”?) that Russia, Holy Orthodoxy, and Christian CIVILIZATION (see your friend Matt H. for this- even HE’s posting on DS, for crying out loud!) has something to OFFER a post-modernist sh**poster….

    And are not these white boys fit for conversion, as much as you?
    Just sayin’…….

    • I think my “Holy Trinity” model works, but I agree I may have been too harsh; it might be that in seeking ways to attack current reigning orthodoxies, these alt. right kids have stumbled into real convictions?

      I hope that’s the case. It’s certainly the case for the majority of my friends who associate largely with the Alt. Right. Still, there’s a “materialist” disease infecting the majority – a disease generated by government school and modernism. It has to come down.

  3. Even a good chunk of the secular alt-right is anti-materialistic. Even the 1488ers have Evola. Evola is ultimately evil, but that is by final choice. He has a much clearer understanding of spiritual realities than most humans ever come close too. He is certainly one of the foremost anti-materialists. And the WN and 1488 wing of the alt-right does in fact read him and understand this.

    Of course the Christian alt-right, which is significant, is just as anti-materialistic.

    Also from WN to NRx and on the Alt right would generally be against government school and not really that big into family guy crap. I mean a lot of people come to the alt-right BECAUSE they have found flaws in and rejected their government school indoctrination. How do you survive next to mandatory college is a common topic in many alt-right circles. Ways to make money and have a good job while avoiding such indoctrination is another huge and common topic. How to protect your kids from such indoctrination (home schooling, private schooling, ect) comes up in the older alt-right discussion areas.

    Even the internet is a medium, and alt-right group worth it’s salt pushes very hard for IRL activism and meetups and relationships.

    I mean, it is a really big tent, and materialism has really long reach. And I do understand that in such a big tent your experiences may be different than mine. But it seems we’re talking about entirely different movements rather than different wings of the same.

    Memes are a tactic and weapon in a culture war. But NRx doesn’t really use them and they’re alt-right. I would think other alt-right groups also use different tactics. Memes are important as a recruitment tool, a tool to shift the overtone window, and a tool to make sure people know that opposition to secular liberalism is still alive. For those reasons it is the loudest thing the alt-right does. It is certainly not the only thing it does, or even central to what all alt-righters do. They’re not Macfralanesque satarizations of anything and everything. They’re directed attacks at ideals that will destroy us and ideals that keep people in the mindset of our adversaries. If anything Mcfarlanes attacking of anything that is sacred de-sensitizes our opponents to meme attacks. It hurts Meme warfare. But again, the alt-right creates its propoganda against the servile state globalist left. If they arn’t doing that they’re promoting one of our candidates or ideals or values. The odd guy may throw stuff against other targets or do a circular firing squad thing, but they’re the exception.

    So what part of the alt-right have you been in that is so different from the parts I’ve seen? It could be something like Dailystormer, which I’ve heard of but never so much as been to the site of. Could be something I’ve never heard of before. But nothing you’ve said makes any sense to the big tent I’ve seen of the alt-right.

  4. Of the movements present and movements past, only what is built on the firm foundation of the truth of God will last.

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