Celebrating 8 Years of Shotgun Barrel Straight


It’s real folks – today is the 8-year anniversary of my blog and things sure have changed. I’ll comment on a few brief “happenings.”

I started out a red-state neoconservative, oblivious to the world around me except for a few points of knowledge about Christian apologetics. I started this blog to be a splash page for my lengthy polemical essays in case they were removed from the forums. Soon, I began posting research items as well, then daily thoughts. Today, Shotgun Barrel Straight is more like an online journal or a place where I can vent, formulate ideals, run things by the public – basically a catch-all. This doesn’t build readership numbers of course, but I feel like I have to write. Writers gotta write, even when the writing’s not very good. I humbly thank all of you who’ve stuck by me through the years and have watched my transformation from naive neo-con Evangelical, to forthright old-style European, Christian Romantic, paleo-con…or whatever the heck you want to label me.

The difficult I have in labeling myself is, I hope, a sign of intellectual maturity. At the moment, you might call me an “anarchist” with respect to the state, but by that, I only mean that in a stateless Christian society, institutions would emerge, order would sort itself out, and we’d have something like the middle ages again. I draw on a lot of Hans Hoppe’s material to work out the details of this thesis.

I’m quasi-Calvinist even though I’m not a formal member of any church and despise almost every Calvinist I know (excepting a few of my Kinist friends). I’m more like a Christian Romantic; that label will have to do for now. “Christian Mystic” is too strong and “cessationist” too weak to describe me. I think my inability to fit into post-Enlightenment religious molds is a good thing.

I’m not really a paleo-conservative reactionary either – more of a paleo libertarian, but I hate how libertarians want to “atomize” society and treat people as if they’re machines instead of persons. Society must be thought of as a set of personal relationships – again, like we had in the dark ages. This is opposed to the bureaucratic “impersonal” model of legal relationships (imposed by force) we have today…much much more can and will be said about that in future posts.

I love the fact that England has left the E.U. but like some in the Alt. Right, I remain suspicious about how this’ll play out in the long run. I learned about Merry ol’ England from a young age, watching Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When I was older and in highschool, I was surrounded by an 80% negro population – you all can imagine what that was like. I retreated to the library where I discovered James Herriot’s novels about being a veterinarian in the English countryside. This caused me, more and more, to daydream about the place.

And of course, there’s Cambria Will not Yield…perhaps the biggest influence on my adult life. He’s either ruined me (I’ll never be able to live on the Devil’s plantation now) or helped saved my life…

It’s almost been a decade now, since I discovered his website and instead of killing myself, being absorbed back into the sludge of Americana, or wasting away in some horrible marriage – I’m single and contemplating heroism. One day I’ll be able to thank him for that…maybe at some point during the next 8 years?

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2 Responses to Celebrating 8 Years of Shotgun Barrel Straight

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    Cam should be appointed head of an English Department in a Christian College (one that is TRULY Christian!) and given oversight to mandate the reading of Dickens, Stevenson, and Burns to every undergrad, while having four years to give them all understanding, on what it means to be an English-speaking Man, in this ‘current year.’

    What I ‘see’ when I read Cambria, is the same ‘world’ I see, when reading CS Lewis- most often, the Narnia books, (though I am slogging through the Space Trilogy in my ‘once every twenty years, read all the ‘good books’ again summers) but that world also appears in Jan Karon’s Mitford novels, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her ‘Little House’ series, and others I am sure are out there, but I haven’t come across yet

    As Adam Grey noted recently at Faith and Heritage, ‘there will always be an England.’ It may only be in the minds of God’s Elect, but that is all we need, to make sure the Almighty creates is properly, in the new Heavens and the New Earth. We are (luckily) not going to be playing harps on clouds, for all Eternity. Amen. and Amen.

  2. Adam Grey says:

    Congrats on 8 successful years Scott! Keep pressing on.


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