Clash in Cali…


(Looks like one of the idiotic anti-whites got what he deserved)

Click on the above picture and you’ll be taken to a Russia Today story covering the recent clash in California. Members of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party and the local “Anti-Fascists” apparently engaged in a brawl on the Sacramento capitol’s lawn.

Heimbach was supposed to go and, hearing the rumors of violence swirling around this event, I decided to take the days off and fly out to watch his back. Finances didn’t work out for either of us, so we both had to miss the carnage. Was this fortunate for us or unfortunate?

Fortunate for me anyway, maybe unfortunate for Heimbach. In Claire Wolfe’s “Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook” she notes three different types of “freedom outlaws.” There’s the Mole; he works anonymously, on the inside of the system, having an outward appearance of normalcy, he works to subvert the machine when no one’s looking. There’s the Activist; he is the loud voice in the streets, ensuring there’s always a public outcry against travesties and sometimes engages in street fights. Then there’s the Ghost; he separates from the system entirely and snipes at it from a distance, a true outlaw. All three, argues Wolfe, have a legitimate role to play in toppling a tyrannical power.

Heimbach and crew are clearly of the “Activist” type and as such, it would have been better if he’d been in California. It would add to his street cred. and would have helped boost the event’s importance.

I think I want to be a “ghost” of some type, though…so I need to re-think my participation in these sorts of events here on out.

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