Cafe Down on the Cosmos…and other tales

lunar lander

I’ve got a few writing projects in the works, but one I’m really excited about is a collection of Southern science-fiction short stories.

“Science Fiction from a southern perspective???” you might be asking …

I know, I know. It’s an insane conflation of genres; a merging of two areas that must not be merged. And yet, Southerners too, at least hopefully, are going to be a part of the future; how we carry ourselves into the technological horizon, and how our unique cultural distinctives will be recognized 200 years from now (or even 20 years from now) has always interested me. And what better way to explore these themes than through science fiction?

With titles like “Cafe Down on the Cosmos”, “Manufacturing Monsters” and “Dark Matter to the Back of the Bus”…I think my stories will be exciting enough for the average sci-fi fan, while still resonating with many Southerners.

Besides, I’ve always believed (along with C.S. Lewis) that if a man can’t find an abiding strangeness in his own back garden, then he certainly wont find it on the moon. And Southerners have always recognized the beauty inherent in back gardens…

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One Response to Cafe Down on the Cosmos…and other tales

  1. Hank says:

    That is great. If you follow through on such a novel I would be happy to purchase it.


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