Last Ride of the Christian Knights


They’re not trying to kill white people, they’re trying to kill Christ and Christ was most manifested in white Christian Europe. So naturally, it’s white Christian Europe they hate with the devil’s zeal. They don’t hate white trash neo-pagans exactly; they don’t hate white hipster atheists per se; it’s not the suit and tie clad eugenicists who raise their ire. It’s what they represent. It’s Charles Dickens. It’s Rudyard Kipling. It’s Walter Scott. It’s all of the European poets and the people so carefully represented in old European literature and art. It’s the people who mixed their blood with the blood of Christ who are targeted for execution.

The pagans, eugenicists, and all the rest, including average white policemen, and the elderly woman carrying her groceries down the street, in the mind of the savages, represent white Christian Europe. These people, even the racially aware ones, aren’t going to be competent to mount any sort of resistance to the slaughter because they don’t know or love white Christian Europe.

I’ll make an exception for the old lady carrying her groceries; she, maybe, out of all the rest, remembers. I’d take an army of old ladies who love and remember over an army of skin-headed pagans who hate and despise that which our enemy also hates and despises.

I’m lonely because very few people love and remember. To love and remember requires more than reading a history book; it takes more than studying philosophy. It takes more than correctly diagnosing the economic, political, or sociological ills of the populace. None of these things can be properly studied or understood unless one first has a burning passion for the world that was lost. Instead, these neo-pagans, eugenicists, and the rest, are social mechanics, hoping to build some future machine that churns out bodies with a particular genetic makeup. Stats and figures, calculations and strategies…the machine is all in all.

I say they wont be competent because this isn’t a physical war. It’s a war of spirit and only those with a familial bond to the Holy Spirit are equipped to fight the demonic forces arrayed against us. The modernists reading this, if they’ve made it this far, will refuse to believe it, but it’s true. The Apostle Paul said so in his letter to the Ephesians so long ago.

This spiritual war will manifest itself physically – it’s already doing so – and I truly believe God is a God of small, daily miracles. The casual observer might call them beneficial coincidences, timely events, or luck. The Christian knight, old European visor down, sees it for what it is. The miracles of fairyland.

When everyone else says “no”; when everyone else says “ill advised”; when everyone else says “democracy and system building”; the Christian knight, as far as I can tell, says “One last ride for God, King, and Country!”

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3 Responses to Last Ride of the Christian Knights

  1. Hans Gygax says:

    I can relate to the loneliness, and to the burning passion for what was lost. Had a deep burden to the point of crying last night and this morning. If only our fathers understood the consequences of not being wholehearted for Christ; watching their fun TV shows and movies (even if they were pro-white in a sense). They did not realize their culture and way of life was already dying slowly before their eyes.

    Prevailing prayer, as a unit, no matter how small we are, or how far away, is needed.

    White Christians will due our people a favor to read this book and apply it to our situation:

    Kneeling We Triumph

  2. Bro. Knot says:

    I’m curious why you mention Charles Dickens. He was a secular humanist and no fan of the church. I wonder sometimes if he bears some partial responsible for changing Christianity from a robustly nationalist faith to one of saccharine feelings about the universal brotherhood of man and Christ-less Christmases. Thoughts?

  3. Mr Booey says:

    Very well stated sir. Only those who feel, deep down in their souls, what it means to be a white Christian European will understand, with clarity, what has been lost down through the years. To able to pick up a magazine or a book, even one published as recently as 40 years ago, and to see the damage that has been done takes an insight and sense that is remarkably lacking in 99% of whites currently walking around. Do not be discouraged sir. That type of spirit is not meant, I believe, to be a widespread gift. Only those who would be capable of using it for the good of the 99% seem to possess it.


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