Does the Right Need an Alternative?


Good order is the foundation of all things. ~ Burke

The “alternative”, so my Christian friends say, can go “right” out the window. A sentiment by no means pervasive among them, but ubiquitous enough to warrant a mention. The Alternative Right has raised pious hackles by promoting sexual degeneracy, using foul language (even around ladies), and engaging in all manner of atheism, paganism, and anti-Christian rhetoric. The lewd manner of these internet ruffians is often surpassed by the few activists brave enough to climb out from anonymity and grace the world with shocking images of National Socialist symbols, crude attacks on capitalism, and cries for destroying American conservatism. It’s easy to sympathize with my offended Christian friends.

The Alternative Right itself, is spiraling every which way, enlivened by its recent fame in the national media. Ever since Hillary Clinton’s “Alt. Right” speech, in which she tried saddling Donald Trump with the racist degeneracy of the “far dark [internet] reaches”, the leaders of the Alt. Right have been scrambling to gain dominance in the movement and thereby, show the media (and thus: the world) who’s in charge. My friend Colin Liddell penned an article at Alternative Right, providing an overview of the movement. Richard Spencer has done much the same over at Radix. Jared Taylor, Andrew Anglin, Greg Johnson, and many others, have all spoken out, trying to implicitly take the reins of the Alt. Right. My good friends at the Traditional Youth Network jumped on board as well, with Matthew Heimbach scoring a mention on Hillary’s campaign website. It all goes to show that the Alternative Right is less a “movement” and more a social phenomenon – or so I’ve been arguing.

To my Christian friends, I ask you not be so hasty in your criticisms. There are, after all, good reasons to be furious with what passes for “conservatism” in America. There are equally good reasons to give Hitler, the Third Reich, and even fascism (as a political theory) a second glance (if only a brief one). And as has been pointed out on numerous occasions, shocking images and insulting banter, when used wisely, have tremendous effect. I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: it’s difficult to damn the Alternative Right to hell after you’ve slept on their couches, had drinks with them, and seen them by your side in the trenches. Besides, as traditional Christians, we ought to know better than to think of people as a faceless mass when there are perfectly good individuals underneath.

We ought not be cultists when thinking of the Alt. Right. A cultist, especially the religious kind (I’m thinking of you Todd Lewis), can’t help but critique the Alt. Right as if it were a religious heresy. Line up the epistemological foundations, see which overlap, ascertain the doctrinal pillars, then subject them to savage rational criticisms. Only, the Alt. Right isn’t that sort of animal.

Imagine instead, if you will, an analogous sociological phenomenon. Remember in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, when “running” became such a pervasive hobby that a sub-culture of “runners” emerged onto the sidewalks and roads of every major city? It was more than a mere exercise; there were magazines specifically for runners, stores, clothing brands, and so on. To critique this fad by investigating the beliefs of all the runners and figuring out why they were running, would have been to miss the force of it. Everyone ran, no doubt, for their own reasons, but they all identified themselves with the sub-culture. The Alternative Right requires the same sort of analysis; it can’t be understood otherwise – the doctrines are too diverse.

So I’ve had my say to the Christians; what of my say to the Alternative Right?

The media, at the moment, is wholly occupied with criticism, however shallow and passe’, but what of critiques of the Alternative Right from the actual right? Are there conservatives, even racially aware ones, with anything relevant to say?

It’s unpopular to admit among my friends, but dammit, I’m a conservative. I’m not willing to give up on conservatism. I’m a conservative like Edmund Burke was a conservative. I have an image in my mind of old Europe, its folkways and social mores, and it’s that, what I call the “Ashley’s Glass” view I want to see conserved; I’ll have old Europe or nothing at all. And while I acknowledge my limitations here – a proper criticism of the Alt. Right will have to come from someone more educated and intelligent (and well spoken) than me (I’m a nobody country boy from North Carolina who often thinks more highly of his intellectual abilities than he ought) – I’ll take a shot, nevertheless, at providing a broad theme from which others might draw for a proper analysis.

In short, the Alternative Right, as a sociological phenomenon, is made up of ideological heirs of the Jacobins. The Jacobins balked at the “chains” of traditional society and sought to overturn every last one of them. In their place, they wanted to construct a viciously “rational” and inhuman form of society in the pursuit of utopia. Alt. Righters are in a similar pursuit. These machine builders only differ with the Jacobins slightly, with respect to a gear here, a screw there; but they’re all fueled by a rebellious instinct against the restrictive dogmas of their day. The Jacobins blasphemed against the Church and old Europe; the Alt. Right blasphemes against the reigning Liberal dogma. Both are intent on building their own machines.

If we can say anything about “conservatism” it’s that the conservatives are charged with maintaining that great European legacy – that bond of blood between white men and the Christian God. That’s the good order that must be maintained. Without it, the Alternative Right will pass, just like the running fad. Runners turned into bicyclists, who are now “cross fitters.”

But there are still some of us who run the good race, even without magazines and specialty shops.

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10 Responses to Does the Right Need an Alternative?

  1. rogerunited says:

    ‘In short, the Alternative Right, as a sociological phenomenon, is made up of ideological heirs of the Jacobins. ‘

    Are you saying the Alt Right is ideologically similar to the Jacobins in their stance against liberal modernity (and therefore justified) or are you saying they share similar ideals as the Jacobins? The former is somewhat true, the latter is not. The vast majority of a particular forum I know you know of would oven the Jacobins.

    • I guess I’m saying the thrust of the sub-culture is aimed at tearing down and blaspheming against reigning liberal orthodoxy, the same way the Jacobin sub-culture aimed to tear down old Christendom; to that degree, I suppose I’m “Alt. Right” and part of the subculture.

      …but also like the Jacobins, the bulk of the Alt. Right subculture has no interest in seeing old Christendom flourish or revive. It needs to go, just like liberal orthodoxy, and a new rationalist machine, one that churns out people with white DNA, needs to be built in its place.

      • rogerunited says:

        I don’t know where you get that the bulk of the Alt Right is anti-Christian, the forum you belong to has 3 Christian groups and only 1 each for atheists and pagans. Its especially Christian in the US, Europe is less Christian over all and so are their autistes.

        Now, when you say ‘old Christendom’ if you mean monarchy, well there’s a few of those, if you mean ‘pre-industrial revolution Europe’ luddism there’s a few of those, too. As you said, its a not a unified movement, there’s something for every goy’s LARPing needs. Generalising about the alt right much beyond Pro-White and Anti-( or the more accurate counter-) semitic is a mistake.

        You need to read more.

      • Ahhh… whenever someone demands I read more, I always ask them for material. I’ve found I’m the one guy who calls their bluff, reads their material, and maintains his position as the most well-read guy in the conversation.

        That said, how can you equate them with old Christendom? Look at their foul language, lewd conversations, darwinism, and an entire host of other issues? However great the people are in general, they’re a far cry from what I’d like to see. I stand by everything I’ve said in this article. Demanding I read more is only going to reinforce and strengthen my position.

      • rogerunited says:

        ‘Those who demand I read more have been wrong on the past so now I know I don’t have to read more’

        Well, I guess if you know it all…

        Nothing is pure enough for you and you wonder why you consistently have fall outs with those around you. You are probably the most autistic person on the internet.

  2. I specifically asked you for a book recommendation. Instead of providing one, you…what?

    Nothing is too pure for the Alt. Rightists to desecrate…

    • rogerunited says:

      I did not see this comment.

      If you were as familiar with the alt right as you say, you’d know there was no book to recommend. The alt right, as it exists in literature, is a large body online articles and essays. Go here and scroll down the left side until something catches your eye:

      http://nxx14.blogspot dot com/

      If your mind is made up, that only medieval Christendom is good enough, then there’s really nothing to say. You will live your life in disappointment and those around you will be forced to listen to you whine.

      Nothing is pure enough not to trigger Shotgun’s autism…

  3. Junius Daniel says:

    Roger, Mr. Shotgun’s personality best translates to the artistick endeavour, as his drive to reach the primordial essences of God would be an asset; whereas, in human relations, they can be combustive – particularly if you don’t know how to smile at your friend.

    We are all ridiculous, Roger – try not to forget that. It’s The Lord’s Will.

  4. Junius Daniel says:

    For any Tarheel, white of black, the only true Alt-right is the KKK – and their gospel does not change, which is proof it is no fashion…


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