Rapid Thoughts…

“I admire machinery as much as any man, and am as thankful to it as any man can be for what it does for us.  But, it will never be a substitute for the face of a man, with his soul in it, encouraging another man to be brave and true.  Never try it for that.  It will break down like a straw.” ~ Dickens

-Some old codger attacked me, out of the blue, on Twitter. Something about my friend the Swiss Kinist’s religious expression and my criticisms of the Alternative Right? Goes to show the weakness of Twitter as a communications platform. Great for contacting celebrities and staying up to date with news, but terrible for meaningful discussion. I liked the guy too; I thought we had a lot in common. He blocked me so, oh well.

-The codger, along with an insulting reader (who ought to have known better) suggested the course of my blog posts indicate I might be on the verge of rash action. Maybe on the verge of rash action, fair enough, but not the “going postal” variety. There aren’t enough bullets to solve this world’s problems. Chesterton, commenting on suicide, said the man who commits suicide doesn’t hate himself; he hates the world and wants to kill everyone with a single shot. Well, maybe not so rash as that, but leaving the country for an isolated locale seems to me a similar, though more admirable, way to solve all the world’s problems. Hard to care about social ills when you’re in a desert.

– About a decade ago, now, I was told I had to go to Afghanistan. In preparation, I read Gary Bernsten’s book “Jawbreaker” about the CIA’s war against Al Qaeda. I soaked up Bernsten’s narrative, learned the different Afghan tribes, and got a handle on the situation, etc., but what I remember most is his description of how he realized, one day, that his life to that point was wasted. There’s so much out there to do, so he decided to start doing it…now he’s a CIA hero and instrumental in American counter-terrorism. Remember that old saying: “There’s two types of people in the world – thinkers, and doers.” In many books on espionage, the authors stress the nature of those involved in covert ops. Like Bernsten, they’re all “doers.” On that note: most white people, including myself for many years, have been fooled by our culture into being “thinkers” instead of doers. Meaning: playing “Pokemon Go” and watching zombie movies, while America burns.

-The codger asked me where all my “online” friends are now? Apparently he read a few of my blog posts and saw I’m currently out of a job. He’s got me there – online associates are bad company in times of trouble. At the same time, thanks to online networking, I’ve discovered a market for otters. A few viral youtube clips of them as pets are making the rounds and I’ve found a number of people who might be willing to pay well for them. That’s lead me on numerous treks through the local wetlands in search of riches – not pelts, but pets. Yes, yes, I know it’s illegal. Who cares? Nothing’s likely to come of it anyway – I can’t find a single nest. I’ll keep looking.

– How can people who take the Lord’s name in vain, interspersed with the worst sort of profanity, and who have no concept of our European legacy (hint: reading about tigers isn’t the same as being in the cage with one), be looked to as heroes in the “war”? If a guy is “awake” on the racial question, that’s great, but if he hates Christianity, he’s still got to be dealt with. If not now, in the future after we’ve won? Isn’t the fallen, secular state the enemy that destroyed everything good in the world to start with? Ugh. I don’t care anymore. I really don’t. If you don’t want my help and don’t care for my insights, don’t read my blog. Go do your government-schooled best to topple the regime with profanity, Hollywood machismo, and whatever other tools you’ve got in your arsenal.

-If I only care for old Europe, does that mean I care for abstractions and fairy tales more than living white people? Of course not, but I don’t see how to separate the two. Can you still love someone dying of cancer, without loving the cancer? If you think this is impossible, comment and set me straight.


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3 Responses to Rapid Thoughts…

  1. Hans Gygax says:

    The one good thing about Twitter is that it limits your characters per post. I hate conversation that has people writing entire essays for their responses. That’s not how real life conversation is.

    • I remember the old American Vision “Worldview Forum” days, when James turned on a character limit. I hated it at first, but after awhile I became an advocate for the same reason you suggest. It helped me learn to express myself much better in fewer words.

      Twitter, though, is far too short even for that, in my opinion. It’s good for what it is, I suppose, but give someone at least a paragraph for thoughtful expression. Anything less is soundbites and talking-points.


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