The Human Animal


A few days ago, a horse punched me right in the face. She knocked me on my backside and gave me a nose bleed. Good feelings all around, though. It was an accident. I was fawning over her when a horse fly bit her rump, causing her, understandably, to jerk up and knock me for a loop. I didn’t land in a pile of crap; I have that going for me at least.

I was excited when my friend told me he was bringing horses to the property. Being an animal lover and having some amount of riding experience, I relished the chance to have horses close by. I wanted to get to know them without using food. They had to genuinely like me without thinking of me as the source of their meals. After months of hard work and coaxing with no result, I almost gave up. Then, one night, when I had a lot on my mind, I went to the pasture and sprawled over the gate to look up at the stars. Unexpectedly, the paint came trotting up, nuzzled me with her nose, then rested her head on my shoulder. Horses are big retards though. She lost interest after a few minutes and trotted off. But to me, it was a heartwarming breakthrough. Ever since, we’ve gotten to be good friends.

I’ve noticed something about the two fillies; they have some of the same traits as human women. It’s funny, but in my way of thinking, there’s nothing more…human. Think of what kind of God it takes to create something like an animal – a creature, at its best and most innocent, that humorously reflects the characteristics of man.

It made me realize that man, at his best and most innocent, has the same ability to reflect the characteristics of God. It’s these, our most precious of expressions, that materialists and all manner of “modernists”, want most to rub out; what, with all their statistics, dissections, and demythologization.

That’s the very thing we cannot, under any circumstance, allow them to do. We must be the last humanists in an age of unparallelled hatred of humanity.

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