(4) A Maned Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


“Little girl! Little girl! There’s no running in here!”

Dr. Joel McDurmon, now the esteemed apologist-in-chief at the once conservative American Vision organization, chased a toddler through the quiet hallway. I was at a Presbyterian church in Georgia for a worldview super conference and, being an introvert, had snuck to a quiet corridor just in time to see the pursuit. Grinning, I glanced up from my computer. He grabbed her, gave me one of those “whaddayagunnado” looks, and carried the hapless creature back to the conference. That was my first memory of McDurmon. I was young then, only newly awakened to intellectual Christianity, and he was a superstar as far as I was concerned. He was young and cool and vigorously carrying on the Reconstruction and Presuppositionalist agenda.

I live-blogged from that event, the posts are still up at American Vision (as far as I know). To Dr. DeMar’s credit, he published them, despite how terribly they were written. He and McDurmon were far kinder to me than I deserved. Years later when I had my infamous 15 minutes of fame, I wrote them and told them about the controversy. I advised them to remove the posts quickly as demonic individuals were tying me to the organization. They steadfastly refused to take them down. Damn the liberal press.

I recall all this to let my readers know how highly I regarded American Vision and how hurtful it is now, to see them fall. Every other article the good Dr. McDurmon posts, lately, has to do with the make-believe sin of “racism” and how white society is oppressing the poor negros.Christian Reconstructionism, in retrospect, has always been akin to a rationalist cult. This is all too clear to those of us once affiliated with it and who are now forced to watch it slide into the cesspool of irrelevancy from the sidelines.

One of my friends is writing a critique of his latest “Racism in the Libertarian World”, so I wont say anything in depth about it. Nevertheless, McDurmon presents such a glaringly dishonest argument therein, that I have to address it:

I’ll preface my criticism by noting that “Marxism” is a scary word for the older conservatives haunting American Vision’s doner pool. Rightly so. Thanks to the internet, McDurmon’s social justice warrior styled antics lead his readers to accuse him of “Cultural Marxism”. Well, he can’t have that. He doesn’t want to be tarred with a pejorative. So what does he do? He argues that “Cultural Marxism” is an “oxymoron” and dismisses it out of hand. Gary North, says McDurmon, wrote an article demonstrating that it’s an oxymoron, and that settles it, apparently.


In response, readers, please imagine what would happen if a maned wolf burst into your sheep pen and began chowing down. You run to get help by shouting “there’s a wolf at the sheep!” but a smart guy in town replies that you don’t really have a wolf problem.

“You see…” he lectures… “The maned wolf isn’t really a wolf at all and so it’s just plain silly of you to cry wolf.” Meanwhile, the sheep are slaughtered…

The next night you find a King Cobra in your living room. The same man lectures you that you don’t really have a cobra problem because, technically, the King Cobra isn’t an actual cobra. “You’re being silly again” he says, with a dose of condescension.

McDurmon tries pulling the same move with “cultural marxism.” Gary North has written a few books on Marxism, after all, and having thus established himself as an authority, he’s able to say (with confidence) that true Marxism has a very narrow definition. Because “cultural Marxism” doesn’t fit this narrow definition, it’s not real Marxism. Making this point, McDurmon then dismisses it all together.

…well, a snake by any other name is still a snake, Dr. McDurmon, and I don’t want it in my living room!

Granting that cultural Marxism isn’t a legitimate form of Marxism – a contentious point given how Marxists can’t even agree among themselves what Marxism is – it doesn’t mean that the animal we call “cultural Marxism” isn’t still a threat. But McDurmon knows he’s promoting views typical of cultural Marxists, and he knows his readers are afraid (rightly so) of the “Marxist” label, so he knows he has to make these intellectually dishonest moves to escape it.

He ought to be ashamed. What happened to the once courageous organization that refused to bow to pop-whim by removing articles written by a nationally-accused “racist”? They’ve lost their saltiness and let the maned wolves in among the sheep.

…they’ve let the cobra into the living room.

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One Response to (4) A Maned Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. Stephen Notman says:

    Excellent article.


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