Real Estate in Old Europe

The vernerable Messers. Sam Dickson and Jared Taylor have produced a video where they attempt to answer why white people are, essentially, committing suicide.

Dickson presented what we might call a materialistic “reduction” of the problem to a psychological disposition. White people, he claims, are prone to abstractions and are, as a result, able to act in ways counter to their self interest. Taylor, opposing Dickson, suggested, rather, it has something to do with the social and political climate of the modern west, noting healthy racial attitudes remain in the Eastern European countries, corresponding to the Iron Curtain divide. Both men were in agreement with a broader sentiment in the so-called Alternative Right: that our people vitally need an “ethno-state.”

In fact, every conference I attend, and every online social venue, hosts this opinion, seemingly without opposition. Who could oppose the idea that the salvation of our people lies in us re-uniting geographically, under a unified political banner? Debate is always about the method of attaining the ethno-state or what its nature will be, rather than any discussion of if we ought to have one at all.

Well, I disagree.

Of course, I’m not the typical alternative righter. I don’t feel at home with any of the factions. There’s so much swearing, evolutionary materialism, and revolutionary machine building, that someone like me, who just wants the old Christendom he’s read about in novels and heard about from his grandfather, doesn’t fit in. You can’t love an old world just by reading statistics and data about it. You wont learn about Europe from a chart. And when I try living out old European mores and ethical norms, I’m accused of “LARPing”, of being overly romantic, quixotic, or even melodramatic. They’re modernists the lot of them, and they don’t even realize it. (I’m not alone, thankfully. Vanishing American has expressed a similar feeling; as have others). Even professed Southern nationalists scoff at antebellum habits.

Well, I want the Europe of Austen, Dickens, and Walter Scott; and I’m not sorry for it. I want Christ to be at the center of our people’s culture and in their hearts again. I’m not sorry for saying so. Without this, all commentary on our mass suicide has no teeth.

So, with respect to Dickson and Taylor, it’s not psychological reductionism or socio-political ills; contrary to the pagan white nationalists, it’s not the jews or the globalist bankers. And contrary to literally everyone in the entire pro-white spectrum, it’s not an ethno-state that will save us. No, the white cancer struck when we had ethno-states. Our cancer struck, even before jews were a viable threat.

I don’t want to sound overly optimistic in what follows, because there are very real, and very difficult hurdles to surmount in attaining it, but I believe our people’s salvation lies in the same place it always has: the arms of our loving savior. And we’re promised that where two or more of us are gathered together in His name, there He will be also.

…and that will be a good acre of old European soil regained from modernity.

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5 Responses to Real Estate in Old Europe

  1. Grey Rebel says:

    Maggots are a problem, but they don’t rot the fruit.
    The true vision of Europe will set you free from this dark, modern world; the more of the vision I see, the more I long for something that is no longer there.

  2. I agree very much with what you say here. And I think I need to remember what you are saying here about the need for a Christ-centered culture. I tend to get caught up in the political solutions when I know, as a Christian, that politics will not save us.
    Thanks for reminding us of that, and thanks for linking to my blog in your post.
    (VA here).

  3. Joe Putnam says:

    I agree that without Christ, the European peoples have no hope of restoration. Sin is what began the rot of our countries. This opened the door to Jewish subversion and corrupt churches preaching all manner of unBiblical doctrine -including Neo-Babelism. I am a Kinis tin southern Indiana and I just wanted to say hello.

  4. I want very much the same things you want, but as I came to my traditionalist beliefs later in life, I find myself unequal to the task of realizing those yearnings. Modernity itself is the enemy.


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