Armadillo by Morning…


“…everything that I’ve got,
is just what I’ve got on.
I aint got a dime, but what I got is mine.
I aint rich, but Lord knows I’m free…”

I’m uncool in Alternative Right circles because I don’t believe in machine building, revolutions, or democracy. (Also, because I don’t cuss and I don’t chew and I don’t go with the girls that do). What’s that? How could anyone consider *me* uncool? Believe it or not, it happens. Ironically so in light of the anti-democratic, anti-enlightenment posturing among Alt. Right denizens. But deeds and professions are two different things, eh readers?

“We hate democracy!” and yet there’s non-stop political commentary, support for politics, and praise for Donald Trump. Why all the fan-fare for a man, however praiseworthy, who operates squarely within the democratic machine? (As if we can flip, crank, and lever our way out of modernity). But now we have wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Alt. Right because of Trump’s seeming abandonment of his base. He ousted Steve Bannon from the National Security Council and a day later, bombed Syria. (Hopefully I’m too old to be drafted).

I’ve officially had enough “winning”, thank you.

What’s the Alt. Right’s strategy now? A small few are suggesting we focus on winning hearts and minds or other such culturally stimulating evangelistic campaigns. The majority are wanting to double-down on democracy. “We memed Trump into the White House, we can meme him back out!”

I’ve been saying all along we need to shift focus from machine building, democracy, and state politics, towards family, localism, and personal development. We need to take care of ourselves for a change instead of worrying about the political makeup of the giant plantation we’re living on. We ought to snuggle in, hide our assets, and get close to whatever women are crazy enough to tolerate us.

I’m calling this the armadillo strategy.

Why bother with creating a vast political machine when we can “secede” here an now? Secede in our minds by turning off the television and rescuing our children from government school? Secede from the banks by practicing alternative banking strategies (more on that in future posts). Secede from the hive-mind by getting out of those things called “churches” and getting in touch with our real God. And never forget – we need to secede from the average American diet, for the sake of all that’s holy.

Do armadillos eat kale?

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One Response to Armadillo by Morning…

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    I think you are heading in the right direction Shotgun. Thank you for speaking out on this issues. Personal change is far more important than corporate solutions. If the masses of American men had been strong men leading families, America would not have degraded as it has. If the root cause is not fixed, any political action -even if it were “successful”- will just cover up the symptoms as we continue to degrade.
    Elections cannot save the country. Embracing our Christina and agrarian past alone will not save us, we must personally experience it. This is not a popular message in the Alt-Right. For religious/ moral and political reasons, I did not vote last November, as I detailed in my election day post “Five Things That Today’s Vote will Not Do”. I do not regret that, especially now that Trump has shown his true colors in the last week.


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