Farewell to Arms?


“Yet I know that good is coming to me – that good is always coming; though few have at all times the simplicity and the courage to believe it.” ~ George MacDonald

I deleted my entire social media presence and came very close to deleting this blog. But as my finger hovered over the metaphorical “delete” key, I discovered I loved my little production more than its recent neglect indicates. A lot more. More so than my massive social network of pseudo friends whom (with a few notable exceptions), I was able to drop without thought at all.

As to that, here’s the unfortunate lay of the land:

I was seeking acceptance and social standing in the “Kinist” community. I wasn’t able to find either there; not really. There’s a schizophrenia in Kinism. A puritan trapped in the same body with a radical Alternative Rightist. I’m not either and wasn’t comfortable trapped between the two; and, given how many clashes, dust ups, and arguments I’ve had with that crowd, they weren’t comfortable with me either.

One half of Kinism, the puritan half, likes to lounge behind protected walls, resting on laurels it barely earned in the first place, while lobbing cynical barbs at all who dare threaten its tranquility. The other half, the half which actually engages the outside world, is so enamored with the degenerate “Alternative Right” culture that it’s become indistinguishable in all but a few esoteric theological issues. The swearing, filthy sexual talk, and musical tastes are all there. And no matter what I did – be it driving to different time zones to try and incite negro riots, be it putting my name on the line to defend Kinism in public contexts, be it long travels to harass anti-Kinist personalities, or be it countless nights arguing and debating in online venues – it availethededed me nothing with them. Whether that’s my fault, theirs, or both, I left.

I thought, maybe, I could find a different online community with the so-called “Alternative Right”, but as I indicated above, there’s so much profanity, filth, and staunch materialism there, I’d never feel at home. Certainly my ideas and contributions could never be taken seriously. Here’s a brief analysis of the Alt. Right: the Alternative Right is to Liberalism, what Protestantism was to Catholicism. This comparison has drawn ire from Alt. Rightists, all of whom claim to staunchly oppose liberalism, but consider this: liberalism rests on three pillars: equality, rationalism, and science.

The Alt. Right attacks “equality” with a passion. They do very well at it. But they steadfastly hold to the other two. Until those other two pillars are attacked with equal passion, nothing will change about modernity.

So I left social media all together.

There were other “real life” considerations that caused me to leave, such as I’m moving into a career where I’ll be particularly vulnerable to “doxxing”. But the main fact is, I need community. Real friendships. I want the quality, not the quasi!

Without those other avenues of expression, expect this blog to pick up.

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11 Responses to Farewell to Arms?

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    Glad to hear your blog will stay up. I have not been reading it foe too long, but enjoy it.
    My face to face interaction with the Kinist movement has been non-existent, but my electronic interactions via Disqus have been everything from snubbed to a few who were quite friendly.
    I understand your backing away from social media; my blog and Disqus are as close as I ever got to using social media. I agree with you that the secular and profane Alt-Right has no good future awaiting it.
    Electronic only interaction is one of the frustrations in being in what I recently termed a “double minority” movement. This week on my blog I stated that: “Kinism, the Amerikaner concept, and the Alt-South have some common traits, but also some clear differences. In truth, all three are double minority movements. By “double minority” I mean that they are minority strains of White Nationalism, and that White Nationalism is a minority position among the American right.”
    Such is the position for now. But there is hope that more will wake up before the political and economic collapse that I believe to be inevitable.

    • Germany and South Africa prove (to me) that white people are truly willing to die as martyrs to their new religion of Dildolech. There’ll be no mass conversions back to Christianity until the Dildolechian fascination with and faith in “science” ends.

      • Joe Putnam says:

        I would tend to agree with your reply to me. Unlike some of the Baptists that I used to associate with, I believe that God still judges nations, and that America (and the South) have done great evil in his eyes for the last century -more than a centruy for the Yankees. That is why I advocate moving toward a personal exit from the system, like Michael Bunker does with his book “Surviving Off Off-Grid”. Not prepping, but an actual return to agrarianism. I hope to be part of the remnant that rebuilds after God’s judgement passes.

  2. Haxo Angmark says:

    the alt-Right (just has happened with Buckley’s Conservatism Inc.) has been converged by Zionists and faggots. Try the WN hardRight. When the (((debtbuck))) finally collapses, they’ll be the only ones left standing on the Right. With guns. Not “ideas”. cf. http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com ….all the way out to http://dailystormer.com

    • Oh, but Haxo, there’s a lot of “liberty” talk over at that Western Rifle blog. What of our socialist friends who assure us the magical debtbuck is perpetually sustainable, modernity is strong enough to resist collapse, and that individual initiative must always come secondary to fulfilling the centrally-planned directive?

  3. Glad you have decided to keep the blog going.
    I can relate to what you say about your uncertainty about where you ‘fit.’ I have respect for a lot of kinist beliefs, but I do feel like I am an outsider because I’m not from the ‘Reformed’ tradition. I was baptized in a small independent church and I’m a sort of a maverick as far as where I fit in the Christian fold. I have no truck with ‘Judeo-Churchianity’. But I too have never felt quite accepted by the Kinists I’ve interacted with online, though some were friendly towards me and my (old) blog.

    As for the politics, it’s much the same, I don’t fit any of the categories 100 percent. I used to be called a ‘paleo-con’ or a traditionalist but I don’t really fit the latter anymore; Reactionary suits me pretty well, but not 100 percent. Ethnonationalist, ethnopatriot, those are labels I apply to myself. The alt-right, though I am in agreement on a lot of things, does include a lot of anti-Christians and I can’t really find much fellowship with that. So it is a dilemma. i am sure there are others on the ‘Real Right’ who fall outside the various categories. It’s not easy.

  4. I’m all too familiar with the phenomenon of being caught between extremes, and knowing a few of the particulars of my own worldview that I’ve divulged to you in the past, you can doubtless imagine to some extent just HOW much I relate to you on this matter.

    One would be inclined to think that striving to be a mediator between the factions within our circles would endear him to at least some of the folks in each of those respective factions, but in my experience thus far, it makes everyone mistrustful of and standoffish towards you more than anything.

    But for all of that frustration and the toll it takes on my psyche, there’s just too many good people and too much going on in the realms of social media to abandon it. For me at least. I suppose it all depends on a person’s particular personality and how they use social media.

    Regardless, sorry to see you go. God willing we’ll get a chance to chew the fat in person once again sooner than later.

  5. Laurel Loflud says:

    and here I thought you had *poof* disappeared.

    Glad to find it’s not so.

    I was starting to panic.

  6. I, too, am glad to see that you are keeping the blog going. Perhaps for different reasons than you, I completely bailed out of FB recently. We first met on my (now closed) Confederate Colonel blog, and I’m now focused on my southernagrarian(dot)com blog. Joe Putnam’s reference to agrarianism prompted me to leave a comment. Again, I’m glad to see that you’re continuing with the blog. Best wishes to you, sir!


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