Am I Racist Against Whites?!


“Well the orders came down, we’ll attack tonight at nightfall. If we can stop them right here, we’ll win this war once and for all. You know, I killed a Union boy last week, bet he wasn’t fourteen. He looked just like our son…God, what have I done, Josephine?!”


At one of the recent dust ups in Berkeley, the above specimen was caught on camera, being punched in the face by a well-dressed white man. The Alternative Right, while mostly applauding the man’s action, has produced some commentary in favor of the girl. “We ought not support physical violence towards women,” they say. Others suggest we avoid fighting whites all together. After all, they’re our people and we need to somehow convince them to join our cause.

But I direct you all, again, to the above picture. In it we see a beautiful young girl before she went to be indoctrinated; and we see a picture of her after her indoctrination. While Ms. Moldylocks from Berkeley is a recent example, the above type of meme has been circulating through far right circles for a weeks.

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Unless anyone thinks this is a uniquely female problem, the liberal “mind virus” is just as destructive to men, although in less outward ways. True, men infected with the mind-virus can “signal” their degeneracy to the world – they’ll cover themselves in tattoos, wear skinny jeans, dye their hair weird colors, or participate in melodramatic shows of public outrage – nevertheless, the majority of pain they suffer isn’t manifested on the outside. I say this anecdotally, as a man, without backup from the lab-coat-wearing pagans; take it or leave it.

I’d like to pose a question to those in the Alt. Right who’ve offered commentary in defense of Moldylocks – or to all those pro-white advocates who suggest we reach out to these people because they’re of our same race.

…are they? Really?

I’ve taken heat here at Shotgun Barrel Straight for writing in defense of women. I’ve argued that if we’re in a relationship with a feminist (say: our sisters, daughters, or someone we otherwise wouldn’t feel comfortable jettisoning from our lives), we ought to fight for them. I’ve suggested strategies we might use to ply them away from their indoctrination or to influence them back to sanity.

But I’m afraid there are many who are generations deep into liberalism and, after having graduated all levels of their training, are beyond rescue. I’d like to go a step further and say that, for these people, they’ve (essentially) crossed from one ethnic group into another ethnic group.

What we have here is an epidemic of forced trans-culturalization. Young white women (especially) are being taken, infected with a virus, and transformed into a different ethnicity; a new people who worship Satan without realizing it.

If you don’t feel hatred towards those perpetuating the disease, you need to look to your salvation.

…more importantly, once they’re gone – once they’re transculturated completely – it’s very difficult for them to ever return. As we’ve seen above, this virus causes outward, physical transformation and if allowed to perpetuate itself over generations, the ethnic divide between the “red-state” and “blue-state” people will no longer be hypothetical, pedagogical, or a mere sociological note. It will begin actually taking on the physical characteristics of a distinct ethnicity – just as a savvy anthropologist can tell the difference between an Irishman and an Englishman by looking (or Japanese recognize Koreans by sight).

Even more importantly, once a person “jumps” to a different ethnicity (by enculturating himself or herself into the new community and striving to conform to all its mores, norms, and habits), they’re officially no longer going to be included in the “us” part of the “us vs. them” formula as far as ethno-centric whites are concerned.

While this is a tragedy, my instinct is to play up this division. We need to stop treating these “Anti-fa”, these feminists, and these liberals, as if they’re still “us”. We need to start treating them like “them”. They’re no longer part of our ethnicity; no longer part of our tribe. (John Wayne knew what to do with a woman forcefully transculturated by Indians – if she refused to be rescued).

Despite my instinct in the matter, I think I can understand what it must have been like for my Southern ancestors who fought and killed the Yankees.

What a horrible burden God has placed on man.

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2 Responses to Am I Racist Against Whites?!

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun,
    Interesting commentary. In my experience, almost all women today are feminists, it is just a matter of degree. I do not associate with any who are full out feminists. (My mother is not a feminist, and I am not married). At some point they do cross the line and make themselves no longer one of us.
    I assume your John Wayne reference was to “The Searchers”. I saw that one a few times back in my teens, though I rarely watch movies these days. Some John Wayne movies portrayed the good guys as way to friendly with the Mexican women for em to enjoy them today.

    • Yeah. Unfortunately it’s hit or miss with westerns. If they’re made after the 60’s, I don’t even bother. “The Magnificent 7” is a great example. It’s lauded as a classic so I tried to watch it recently. I couldn’t get past the first 10 min. before shutting it off in disgust. (I *was* able to watch the re-make with Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington. While it’s generic multiculturalism, it’s not so “in your face” about it; and there are moments when the South is even given a positive portrayal. While it’s full of gratuitous pagan violence and liberal bias, it does, at least in my opinion, represent a slow move back towards more rugged, conservative values in Hollywood).


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