Shotgun and the Leprechaun


If you’re wondering what happened to my response to Ehud’s F&H slam article, I’ve unpublished it. I decided to take the high road; be the bigger man, as it were. So come, my minions. Critique me; psychoanalyze me; make judgements about me based on little more than a phone conversation we had years ago. I welcome it. Really. I’ll enter your criticisms in the footnotes of my ten-chapter-long memoir (which I’m sure F&H will publish).

…but if you’re new to my blog (visiting thanks to the publicity my friends decided, out of the blue, to offer me), then be mindful that I’ve been publishing my struggles with the Christian Faith. You’ll be interested to know that after a particularly dark bout of providence and a resulting spate of angry prayers, I challenged God to discipline me. He did, in at least two instances, both of which, oddly (though humorously) had an Irish twist. The first was a few weeks ago and is recorded in my last post (Luck of the Irate). Here’s how the second happened:

Suffice it to say, I was having a case of the Mondays. Two hours from home, my car had broken down in coon-town. My radiator was bone dry and I was in a vacant lot surrounded by be-bopping jacobins. Was this God punishing me again?! “Well…” I reminded myself, “…I asked for it.” Asked for it indeed, with a healthy side of profanity. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure God disciplines us whether we ask for it or not. Best not to ask for it.

Luckily (and the irony of that word doesn’t escape me), there was an auto parts store about half a mile away. Believe it or not, it was an Irish-themed establishment with, you guessed it, a large shamrock as part of their logo. I put my pistol in my back pocket and set out to a gas station to get water. I was able to fill the reservoir enough so the car would start, then managed to drive it out of the lot and down to the O’Reilly’s. I had a busted seal in my thermostat housing; the water blew out so fast the radiator was dry again by the time I arrived. I thought I could purchase sealant and plug it enough to get home.

…turned out, that was wishful thinking. There was no way the sealant could plug the entire leak. At that point, I called my dad, who had to stop what he was doing and drive two hours with tools so we could perform a minor operation right there in the parking lot; we’d have to replace the entire thermostat. In the mean time, I needed more water (to re-fill the radiator), and asked the clerk if I could get some. “In the back,” he said.

I’ve had radiator issues before and I knew about the large sinks in auto stores. They use them to fill mop buckets but they’re also ideal for milk jugs. Sad to say, when I got to the back, theirs had an “out of order” sign on it. I swore. All the frustration of my recent religious struggles hit me full force. “Why God!?!? Again?! You just can’t give me any good luck, can you?!”

If you’ve arrived at my blog from F&H you might be used to judging your fellows harshly. I implore you not to in my case. There are times we all lose our cool and the pressures of life, even the relatively small ones, act as proverbial “feathers” to break a peeved-off camel’s back; or my back, as the case may be. Broke down in coon town, surrounded by vagrants and thugs. Even the O’Reilly’s employees were shady looking. It just wasn’t my lucky day. Until…

“Hey man…maybe I can help?” a voice said.

I turned around and…you’ll never believe it… there was a midget. A friendly lil’ feller, who, despite his stature, had the trustworthy features of an honorable, normal sized white man. He was holding a water key.

“Yeah…” he explained, “…this one’s broke so we’ve been having to use the outside spigot. You have to have this key though. Come on, I’ll help you out.” And help he did.

A kind word and friendly hand at the right moment, dear readers, mean all the world to a Christian down on his luck.

…although, maybe I wasn’t down on luck after all?

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6 Responses to Shotgun and the Leprechaun

  1. Oh, one of “those” days, once it starts it only seems like the downward spiral that’ll never end and then all of the sudden when you least expect it and when you can’t think straight because of what seems to be never ending, it’s like everything shifts to better circumstances! And the vexation (so it seems ) has ceased to exist. If I could only be more steadfast and mindful that the shift towards the better is sure to come, I’d be a lot better off myself.

  2. Joe Putnam says:

    Hello Shotgun,
    How do I begin? I decided to comment here instead of F&H. First of all, I do consider myself a Reformed Christian, a Kinist, a White Nationalist, an agrarian, a homesteader, an advocate of limited constitutional government, a freeman and a warrior. I sympathize that you are having some struggles in life.
    I have never face to face met another Kinist. I had gleaned that not only were there major divisions among White Nationalists, but that all Kinists do not agree on everything. Saddened by Adi’s way too tolerant of the RCC piece from April 24, I had not been following F&H that closely recently, and did not know of the piece criticizing you until I saw this essay on your blog this morning. I confess that I have never been to a WN rally, and only attended one of the (lukewarm) tea parties back in 2010.
    Single guys like you and I have a somewhat different approach to life than married guys with a bunch of children, even if our worldview is similar. It is easy for us to criticize (and somewhat look down on) them for not wanting to go to rallies, “poopost” daily, and stay fit and proficient with small arms for the inevitable chaos of the future. They likewise have a tendency to look at us not grounded or responsible like them, and maybe even literal cannon fodder to stand between them and their families (as Ehud implied with “if they are true, are expected to serve and safeguard our communities” and “take the place reserved him at the parapet”.). Of course, married men fought alongside the single young guys in OT Israel, the American Revolution, and the War of Northern Aggression -but that is often somewhat downplayed by family guys. The last IFB church that I was a member of, though not Kinist, was into big families; a single guy never really felt like he was fully a part there.
    In truth, I think it is too late to retake the culture and state -by voting, religion, rallies, or force of arms. This is not to say that our people will not endure and rise again, just that a period of tyranny, racial chaos, or economic collapse will likely fall on us as a Divine judgement before we regroup. That is why I am focusing on peacefully exiting the system, building an (actual) homestead (aka Bunker’s book SOOG), and talking ideology online in Kinist , WN, and Southern Nationalist circles.
    I have never had any public exchanges with other Kinists or WNs as you are now with Ehud, and I have no desire to, but I think I probably understand where you are coming from.

    • Correction, sir! I am most decidedly *not* in a public exchange with Kinists. I’ve made a concerted effort to plead “no contest” and let Ehud broadcast his personal criticisms (however uninformed and misguided) of me to his audience at his leisure.

      If any visit my blog, I hope they read and come up with their own decision about what kind of person I am and what sort of things I advocate.


      It sounds like you and I have similar game plans about dealing with modernity. There ought not be a conflict between married and single Christians. Shame on anyone who tries to inflame such a thing. Rather, we need to try and humbly evaluate all men; seeing the qualities in others (and pointing out those qualities) can sometimes be far more encouraging than we realize. Maybe we see potential good in others they haven’t seen in themselves?

      You, for example; I don’t know you very well but you’ve taken the time to write a significant amount of commentary here at Shotgun Barrel Straight – thank you, by the way – and i know enough to say that if anyone’s made you feel uncomfortable at a family-centered church, it’s their loss. Why? Because you seem to intuit what it’s taken me years to figure out. They disregard your fellowship at their own risk.

      For my part, I’ve always seen us as having two options: flee or stay and fight. I’m aiming for a hybrid approach: fleeing to a white enclave (albeit within America) and building a large family there. Seems the best of both options.

  3. Joe Putnam says:

    Your position of letting it go is probably best, as a public exchange would be to no real profit. I totally agree with your statement that “There ought not be a conflict between married and single Christians.” Very true. 1st Corinthians 12:14-26 says something about that…

    • Adam Grey says:

      Joe, I’d just like to echo Shotgun’s remarks about your willingness to be a helpful hand and uplifting voice in our small corner of the Internet/religio-political world. We have far too likeminded people out there and we ought not alienate any of them unless there is an extremely compelling reason. Whatever one’s station or lot in life, we ought to lift each other up and affirm one another’s strengths, think the best of one another, and give one another the benefit of the doubt as we each work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Life is not simple and simplistic, pat formulae honestly don’t work too well in the IRL world. Anyway, thanks for offering your comments here and at F&H. Your work does not go unnoticed! Many blessings on your efforts with your family and on behalf of others. God bless!

      • Joe Putnam says:

        Thanks for the kind word about me Adam. God bless you and yours also.


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