The “Politically Correct” Test…

There’s an odd phenomenon among today’s work-a-day “conservative” masses – they consider themselves “politically incorrect”, while unconsciously holding the most radical left-wing social views. They are so badly educated they’ve become unable to critically analyze their own position and compare (or contrast) it to the “liberals” (who are the bad-guys in the pro-wrestling narrative that is American politics). These “white grazers” have the right emotional disposition towards liberals – a knee jerk hatred of them and their agenda to enforce social norms on the masses – but they don’t realize that their own acceptance of egalitarianism and multiculturalism, is the result of that same enforced enculturation. They’re “reconstructed” without realizing it.

I could rant about this, multiply anecdotes, or point to pop-cultural phenomena that exemplify my point (Gretchen Wilson’s country song “Politically Uncorrect”, with a video that is, well, very politically correct, for example)…but instead, I’d rather get to the business of aiding our bewitched brethren. I’ll offer a quick test – a quiz to help determine if the taker is politically correct or not.

So clear your desks, take out a clean sheet of paper, and get your #2 pencils ready, readers…it’s pop-quiz time here at Shotgun Barrel Straight:


True or False?

Question 1: It’s ok to swear, even around women and children, but we must never use racial slurs (like the “n-word”) or terms-of-bigotry towards those with lifestyle preferences we may disagree with.

Question 2: If your child picks up on your linguistic habits and repeats the “f-word” in front of your dinner guests, you’d laugh it off as cute. Kids will be kids, after all. But if your child calls one of your guests a “faggot”, you’d severely punish him. “Wrong F-Word, you little bigot!”

Question 3: Those pesky liberal historians are constantly trying to destroy the good image of our American founders. They clearly want to “re-write” history. But when it comes to the “Dark Ages”, or the American Civil War, or to WWII, we must trust everything these same historians teach.

Question 4: We must always use the preferred ethnic honorific when referring to our non-white brothers: African-American, Arab American, Latin-American, etc. Using any other terminology is not only impolite, but offensive.

Question 5: The old South was a multicultural utopia and the majority of the southern leaders were civil rights advocates; basically, the forerunners of Martin Luther King Jr. In light of this obvious historical fact, it is wrong for negros and other liberals to remove Confederate monuments and symbols.

Question 6: It is vitally important to use hip, upbeat, rock (or more preferably) hip-hop songs in Christian worship. Those old farts who protest, need to be relegated to the back pews, segregated into an earlier worship time, or simply die out. Some may need to be “educated” on the Biblical teaching of multiculturalism and racial harmony, because their objections to Christian Hip Hop may have sinister “racist” motivations.

For the following questions, answer with a number from 0 to 10, where 0 is outright disdain, dislike, or discomfort, and 10 is emphatic agreement or pleasure.

Question 7: How do you feel when Shotgun uses the word “negro” to describe black people?

Question 8: What about above, when Shotgun used the word “faggot”, even though it was in quotes and an obvious allusion to a hypothetical context?

Question 9: How relieved were you when Shotgun used the replacement phrase “n-word”, instead of the actual word?

Question 10: Let’s say, hypothetically, a small handful of those Muslims snuck into America and, without us realizing it, slowly took control of the banking industry, the news industry, all education facilities, and Hollywood. Then, they began working together to influence culture in such a way that we each began hating ourselves and our Christian religion. They begin selling our daughters into slavery and posting lewd pictures of them on the internet. In this hypothetical scenario, would you be willing to round them all up into, say, a political prison camp?

Hand in your papers when you’re done and I’ll grade them. Non-Whites get an automatic curve, of course.


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7 Responses to The “Politically Correct” Test…

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun,
    I have a few relatives who need to take your quiz. I tried to explain negro IQ difference to an aging relative recently, and she just could not grasp that Negroes (whom she generally dislikes) cannot just be and act like us IF ONLY they wanted to. Thus she views them as lazy, not incapable. I suspect that is perhaps as an outgrowth of her Arminian theology.
    When I read Question 10, I heard sad violin music and visions of cattle car doors closing flashed through my mind. Just kidding.

  2. Joe Putnam says:

    Reblogged this on Putnam Liberty Notes and commented:
    I have never reblogged a post before, but I felt like sharing this one from Shotgun. Interesting quiz from Shotgun on his blog. Most of us have friends and relatives who would fail it.—Joe

    • I’m honored you’d consider it worth re-posting. Thanks!

      As to your relative – she sounds like my mother; her practical experience is at odds with her desire to fit in with the social hive-mind. My recent religious shift (from rationalist Presbyterianism to Christian Romanticism) lends towards a different explanation, however. On the negros, I don’t consider IQ to be a generally helpful property when discussing their peculiar habits. While IQ is an important topic, and I’m glad the HBD crowd and the right-leaning Darwinists have pursued it as an avenue of study – far more important (in my opinion) is their collective acceptance of an antagonistic “mytho-poetic”. Or, to put it in rationalist, materialistic phraseology, they’ve got a different and hostile “identity” to whites. They are at war with Christ and, as such, are at war with His representatives on Earth. They see themselves as a conquering force and feel “entitled” to all our wealth, especially our women.

      To the white grazers like your relative and my mother – they’re in the process of transitioning between mytho-poetics. They’ve been raised in an implicit “twilight” period of the old Christian mytho-poetic and are struggling to transition into the new Dildolechian religion. Luckily, God has raised up the likes of you and I to help combat this poetic shift in affection.

  3. Michael Hill says:

    I was very disappointed you did not use “nigger” instead of “negro” and “sodomite” instead of “faggot.” But that’s just me. ;)

    • Dr. Hill! It’s always an honor to have you comment on my blog.

      You’re one of those heroes of mine I’ve yet to meet in real life, although we might have a chance this coming August. My friend Dennis D. of Northern Va. fame, has vowed to keep me from pestering you, though, so I’ll have to find a way around him to give you your quiz grade.

  4. Lynda says:

    In Alice in Wonderland Humpty Dumpty was the semantic mystifier. ‘A word’ he tells Alice ‘means just what I want it to mean.’ Alice objects ‘I don’t see how you can make a word mean so many things.;’ To which Humpty replies that this game is about ‘Who is master. That’s all.’

    Blacks call themselves Blacks. But of course you aren’t allowed to call them that, much less Nigger which, of course, they call themselves. Be polite. Call them the way they call themselves. The Latin for Black (Negro) is Niger. This is Americanised to Nigger. If you want to be classical, refer to them in Latin. If you want to be colloquial refer to them in American.

    The legal term for sodomy is sodomy. Call them Sodoms. Sounds better in Hebrew and Aramaic: Zaw- Dom’.

    It is a Jew mind trick to screw up the words so we can’t use our own language.

    Women do not look favourably upon semantic mystifiers who cut the balls off the English language which is robust and has many nuances.


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