Updates and Corrections…

The Charlottesville rally has dominated the news for days now and the momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing. Unfortunately, many in the Alternative Right have gotten spooked by the media hype and are – to use the popular term – “cucking”. Surprise, surprise, it’s the people who didn’t attend the rally in the first place – those who prefer the safety of web anonymity and comfy arm chairs, to fighting negros and frothing-at-the-mouth white-haters – who are backing out.

Those of us who attended? Well, I was a bit hasty in my criticism (when I said the rally was predicated on a democratic mindset in an attempt to copy “civil rights” tactics)…while that’s still true, it’s taken me a few days to calm down and sort out what really happened at C-Ville. Something inside of me changed.

I was a Presbyterian when, earlier this year, I went to support a friend who was being tried for “racism” by a Presbyterian church court. After the grueling six-hour trial, I was no longer a Presbyterian. It was such an asinine process, unfair on so many levels, that it shook me out of the last of my rationalist pretensions.

In the same way, I was something of a pacifist when I went to Charlottesville. Not the stereotypical type of course – I’ve always believed in defensive violence. I suppose I mean that, when I went to Charlottesville, I was content to attend a rally here or there, write a “racist” blog or two, be a sunny part of the white nationalist social scene, and that sort of thing. “Lovely spring day nationalism”, we might call it.

But now…after Charlottesville? After seeing the sneering, vitriolic, and utter hatred of Satan writ large across the faces of hundreds of radical left-wing degenerates, as well as the highest levels of state authority – after seeing that? Something changed in me again. I had an intellectual distaste before – now I have a burning fury. A righteous hatred.

You take our monuments, re-write our history, rape our women, destroy the souls of our children? You want to take EVERYTHING from us?! You want it?! You want to poke the great white bear?!?!

…you’re sowing a storm and will reap the whirlwind. It will destroy everything. A storm’s coming, and all the demons in Hell: hear it and despair!



I forgot to mention a few things:

1) I made a statement in my blog on C-Ville that is dead wrong. I was in a hurry when I wrote that account and made an error. I claimed that *both* sides believe in “democracy”. That is utterly false. The only people who believe in voting and the democratic process are white grazers who are naive enough to believe the “system” will benefit them. The radical leftists only use democracy so far as it benefits their ends. Charlottesville was a perfect example of them illegally side-stepping democratic legalities (like freedom of speech and freedom of assembly) when such things aren’t beneficial. I’ve been reading CWNY long enough to have known better than to type what I did, but again, I was in a hurry and should have slowed down and thought it through.

2) For all the talk about that Dodge that slammed into the protestors, I should note that I happened by at the moment the police pulled the guy over. At the time, I was in my car, circling the blocks, looking for stragglers. I saw it drive by and thought to myself “…poor guy, he must have parked in the wrong place and had his car destroyed by the rioters.” It was only later I learned he was involved in the infamous hit and run. As I watched him drive by, I saw a number of officers, as well as undercover officials, casually pull behind him. They didn’t seem in a hurry. It certainly wasn’t a high speed chase. I thought, at the time, they were going to pull him over and tell him he wasn’t allowed to drive such a wrecked vehicle on the road – that it’d be a safety hazard. I thought they’d get him to an empty lot then call him a wrecker or something. That was the feel. It didn’t seem like they thought they were arresting a dangerous “terrorist”. This leads me to suspect the initial story that the police didn’t think the guy ran anyone down on purpose – but that he was fleeing to safety and accidentally wrecked. The media, however, will try and crucify him.

3) I haven’t forgotten about Big Dan pt. II…it’ll be up soon.

4) Donald Trump initially let us down, but in a more recent interview, took an unexpected stand in our favor. God bless him.

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12 Responses to Updates and Corrections…

  1. Glad you made it through the smoke standing strong! If no justice whatsoever comes from the dispersing (by the “authorities”) of the White Nationalist and others into the hands of the beast, well, it would be very telling concerning the state of affairs that we are actually in. Especially being the case that a permit was issued, as many have well stated already. It’s almost like the only thing that can be done from here on is spread the truth of the matter to as many ears that will hear, and then pray. I mean this time it was C’ville not Berkeley, and it still turned to chaos

    I wasn’t prepared or in the position to attend the last rally in my area but will be apart of the next (if there is one) and support. I think I’ll try to join with a group that comes to my area with similar views though, like LS or some such. Probably not wise to show up alone.

    As hellish as they are one thing is for sure, it exposes the media’s smear job and the radical left and if Trump continues to speak in light of his honest convictions without fearing the PC brigade then that seems to be progress. What’s funny is that the typical Cucks are rising up voicing their pathetic hate attacks speaking right in line with the left, that’s good, that only separates them farther from true conservatives, joining them with the ones they should be seen as being with.


  2. glockbird91 says:

    I’m very relieved to hear you made it out of Charlottesville in one piece. Don’t ever allow any of these nasty people to bring you down or make you doubt yourself. You are better than that Shotgun.

    An Admirer

  3. glockbird91 says:

    Haha well you’ll have to forgive me because I’ve never had the opportunity to practice with anything other than a Glock, and I thought the mixture of my family nickname with said weapon was catchy. I have shot a couple rounds on an AR, but I think it’s too much weapon for someone as green as me. It is also “her” name by the way lol

    • Joe Putnam says:

      Hello glockbird91,
      Since you are a lady, I will overlook you erroneous choice of a polymer framed pistol. The 1911 (my favorite) is a bit much for a lady to use.

      • glockbird91 says:

        An ex military friend of mine has a high opinion of early military issued guns, especially the 1911. Are there any you would recommend as a first weapon for a woman?

      • Joe Putnam says:

        Hey glockbird91,
        I am glad that you are interested in self-defense. Check you state laws if you are intending to carry a firearm.
        The choice of a defensive pistol is a personal choice. It takes into account your hand size and strength, and whether you intend to conceal carry it or just have it bedside.
        Revolvers are simpler to use for someone who is not a recreational shooter. In general, the best defensive pistol for a person is the largest one they can comfortably hold and work the controls on, in the largest caliber they can control the recoil from, in the largest package that they will actually carry (if the weapon is to be carried outside the home).
        If you like a semi-auto, bear in mind three things -things that apply to almost all ladies and to some physically smaller men. Hand strength matters with semi-auto pistols. If you cannot easily (1) load the magazine to full capacity, (2) insert/seat a fully loaded magazine with the slide forward/in battery, and (3) cycle the slide with a fully loaded mag locked in place -then it is not the pistol for you. If the weapon does not fit, look at another. I hope this gives you somewhere to start from if you intend to acquire a pistol for personal defense. Be safe!

    • It’s a tragedy our women have to worry about arms at all, but if I ever have a daughter, she’ll learn BJJ and how to handle a pistol.

  4. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun,
    I have not commented in a few. I am glad that you made it back safe from Charlottesville. I am sick of the nasty anti-White sentiment that the MSM has been vomiting on us since the rally.
    Most of my acquaintances think it is stupid to take down the Confederate monuments, but they will not speak out publicly as you and I have. I am still pretty burned out on politics and political commentary, but I have hope for the future of our people.

    • I know what you mean about being burned out on politics.

      Everyone’s talking about Trump or the Media, or whatever is topping Drudge at the moment – and I’m over here talking about fairies and miracles.

  5. Lynda says:

    A lot of people in Australia are talking about Charlottesville. We saw the police stand down for a legal protest and basically open the way for a crowd of violent and paid-for insurgents to attack a peaceful rally exercising its constitutional right to freely assemble and protest.

    White heritage is everywhere under threat. Here the Marxists are telling us to take down statues of European explorers who discovered the Australian continent. We just can’t tolerate these monuments of European heritage, tall ships, global exploration and discovery. This is racist, homophobic, sexist and insulting to Aboriginal people who discovered themselves and did not need to be discovered by Europeans. I am sure we’ll have to have another ‘sorry day’ when the Political Correctoids go for those monuments of European discovery.

    In the wake of Charlottesville, the FakeNN is spewing au jus and the hungry clouds swag on the deep.

    Congratulations for standing your ground at Charlottesville, Shotgun. Ya’ll did the general real proud.

    Hope you are on deck for Rev 12.1 this Sept 23 2017.

    The Rev 12.1 sign in 5 minutes. Sept 23 2017 alignment explained. What you need to know.
    The essential astronomy to go with the scriptures.

    The nations of Central Europe are crowning Christ as King in state ceremonies.

    And our Lord raises his battle standard in the heavens. The Visegrads [Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia ] come together for this sign to project to the ground.

    EU threatens Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic

    Here is the response of the prime minister and the government to the EU Elites and their blackmail over migrants.


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