A Small Problem


The gun-show culture greatly influenced my childhood. Filled with the militia mindset, we dreamed of taking up arms against a tyrannical state. The wilderness was our ally. Take to the woods to fight the government. Survival was a white-boy pastime, bringing to our minds the pioneering American spirit of freedom and rugged individualism.

I was attracted to literature that romanticized these ideals. I ran across Louis Lamour’s “Last of the Breed” about a mixed-breed fighter pilot, downed in Russia, who used his wilderness survival skills to keep one step ahead of the pursuing communists. These days, my Amazon queue would offer easy suggestions: “If you liked Last of the Breed, you might like…” but back then, all I had was the card catalogue or recommendations from others. So I searched out and waded through all sorts of literature with similar themes.

At some point I stumbled over a book called “1984”. A quick reading of the back told me it was about a guy who defied a tyrannical government. It literally made me sick. The ending chapters, when Winston was tortured and broken…well, at the very least, reading that from the gun-show perspective instilled in me a deep hatred of Big Brother. A deep hatred, and fear.

A few decades later and here we are. But it’s not “Big Brother” we’re facing. The asinine nature of our current tyrants presents me with a problem. I hate Satan and his regime, don’t get me wrong. No, my problem is…I was expecting and fearing “Big Brother”, but instead, find myself oppressed by trannys, squawking feminists, and garishly-dressed negros who can hardly speak the English language.

It’s like being stuck in an African jungle afraid of being attacked by a lion, but being attacked by an ostrich instead. Yes, it’s serious and my life is probably in danger, but it’s so hard to take seriously. It’s ridiculous.

…I need to take them seriously.

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One Response to A Small Problem

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun,
    As America degrades, we must live in what the late Jeff Cooper would term condition “Orange”. I am upping my personal alertness level with all that has transpired this year. Be safe!


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