Missing Person!


“Drummer, Drummer! I pray thee, hear! Hast thou forgotten thou heldest me dear?”

We live in an unprecedented age of spiritual poverty and bondage. The Devil has been set loose among the flock and Europeans – once the standard bearers of Christ – have let go His hand, and, like Peter, dropped into the black depths of modernity; prey for the wolves.

There was one from the Black Forest though, who used to speak on behalf of the poetic spirit of Christendom. The Young Drummer, who believed in miracles and the power of a fairy tale vision.

It is with a heavy heart I bring to the attention of my readers, that, owing to his prolonged absence, my friends and I have begun to suspect the Young Drummer is not only missing, but may be in serious danger.

It’s been so long since we’ve last heard an interview from him – he used to speak regularly to the author of CWNY – that we’ve decided to form a Missing Persons campaign on his behalf. We’ll marshal the resources of the internet to bring him out of hiding and rescue him (if we’re able) from whatever danger has kept him from us.

If you, or anyone you know, has any information on the whereabouts of the Young Drummer, please contact your local search-party leader. Additionally, please take the above picture – which is the most recent image of him available – and broadcast it far and wide.

We last few with beating hearts need his drums now, more than ever.

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7 Responses to Missing Person!

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  2. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun,
    Nice to see you are still active, despite deleting some of you recent blogs. I kept my WordPress account, though I deleted my personal blog PLN. At this point I am not really planning on wading back into blogging, but I am still a contributor to ID. Still writing in print though. Take care.

    • Yeah… I noticed you took your stuff down.

      I’m going to try and shame you back into blogging somehow.

      • Joe Putnam says:

        I have not recanted on anything, just reduced my online presence. I am toying with putting some of my best Dixie and Kinism oriented blog posts into print in a booklet form. Not giving up the struggle for the survival of our people, just refocusing on what I am doing personally, more theology and homestead prep and less political commentary.

  3. Joe Putnam says:

    P.S. I think the high point of the last six months of my blogging was my piece *Untaught Truths About the Fourth of July*, and it is still up on ID with everything else I posted there.

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  5. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun,
    Thanks to your references, I just binged on some back issues of Cambria Will Not Yield. A few of the recent posts rekindled a bit of the blogging fire back in my heart. I was already planning on working up a post for my blog next month commemorating the Boers and their “Day of the Vow”, and now I am amped up to write that one.


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