Review: Lily Collins Unfiltered…


Oh, this girl is going to come to a terrible end.

Kind of pretty, right? Even without all that caked up paint on her face, and without Hollywood photo-magic, she’s not bad-looking. Unfortunately for her, she’s a mischling (her maternal grandfather was jewish). While this undoubtedly helps her acting career, it’s wreaking damage on her looks as, in typical fashion for jewish females, the older she gets, the more pronounced her jewish features, and (sorry to say) the less attractive she is on camera. (Check out photos of her during the filming of “Okja”).


Now, before you dismiss me as a terrible, unempathetic, bigot…(I mean, I am all of those things, but not for this)…let me admit that even at her ugliest, she’s still has a subtle hint of classic beauty. I think so about Rachel Weiz as well (another Hollywood jewess), but Weiz is much older, already complaining about her “jewish nose” (in the tabloids) and is reduced to making soft-core lesbian porn to stay relevant. It’s unfortunate for Collins because, reading her memoir, you get a feel for how obsessed she is with her looks. The girl is going to explode emotionally the day she looks in the mirror and realizes she’s no longer the prettiest girl on the movie set.

It’s cliche’, but she’s pretty “on the inside”…or, at least, she could be if she frees herself from that garbage Hollywood feminism. Like Anna Faris (whose book I reviewed recently), she’s mired in the same relationship failures caused by a lust for unbounded desire. A rebellion against femininity.

Fortunately for Lily, it’s not as ingrained in her as it was in Anna. She’s still young and naive about her chances. She’ll be as cynical as Anna within the decade.

Her memoir reads like a sermon from a teenage girl, instructing her elders in the ways of love and life. There are very few anecdotes from her career as an actress and celebrity. It’s all rational rule-giving about how to deal with boys (breakups are always the boys’ fault). I wouldn’t want to discourage Lily by discounting her hard-learned life-lessons (no matter how skewed they are by feminism); but, she’d have done far better to present those lessons through anecdotes rather than as direct statements. Let us learn *through* your experiences, Lily, instead of just having to take your word for all of it. I mean, imagine a photographer who climbs to the top of a mountain and there, before him, is an incredible scene. Instead of snapping away, however, he takes a selfie with his back to an unremarkable rock wall. Collins has done the same. She’s a wealthy young actress in Hollywood and yet, her memoir is a lengthy detailing of her relationship advice. In *that* respect, she’s no more an authority than any other girl her own age.

At any-rate, I think both Lily and Anna Faris are beautiful women, humble and loving. Though Anna is more artistic and literary, while Collins is more analytic and philosophical.

Both have been twisted by feminism…

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2 Responses to Review: Lily Collins Unfiltered…

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun,
    You do have an interesting reading list.
    Referring to Lily Collins as “kind of pretty” is being kind. Wait. Did you refer to a female Mischling 2nd Degree as pretty? The Kinists will be cool with that. The Southern Nationalists will look at you at little weird. National Socialists will be irate. Sometimes, I think you purposely step in *it* to create a little controversy at SBS…
    On a side note, were this Collins woman 100% Euro, I would consider her low end average. Keep the book reviews coming!


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