Shotgun Honors Silent Sam…


~ …the facts are, that [Confederate Soldiers’] courage and steadfastness saved the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in the South. ~  the Silent Sam dedication.

A few weeks back, a gang of rabid government-schooled degenerates snuck onto UNC Chapel Hill and toppled the “Silent Sam” confederate monument. How many hurricanes, wars, and economic disasters had Sam survived, only to be toppled by these brain-washed zealots? Ever since, the empty dais and green have hosted numerous protests and counter protests, one of which was this past Saturday.

A group calling itself the New Confederate Army showed up with their battle flags and a flaccid message of “heritage not hate.” On the other side of the police barricade, they were met by about 100 of the degenerates. I heard about the event last minute and, since I was in the area, decided to attend. What a sad spectacle, dear readers…

I arrived just as the New Confederates were winding down. I could hardly see them for the spittle-flinging crowd pressing around them. Shouting, chanting, and frothing at the mouth, these Satanists directed their ire at the Confederates and police equally. “Who do you protect?! Who do you serve?!” they cried…

After the Confederates were escorted off the green, the degenerates milled around for about five minutes until, apparently on command, they decided to attack the police. They had to vent their wrath. The police responded in kind. I wandered over to the vacant Silent Sam pedestal and said a prayer, asking God for vengeance on our enemies. I said my “amens” as the first smoke bomb erupted in the violent milieu. Arms and legs were flying, everyone was yelling; it was chaos…an apt illustration for post-Christian Dixie.

The protesters, dispersed but not dispirited, continued their chants. They became increasingly violent in their rhetoric, some even chanting about shooting police officers with AK-47s. The police looked on with masked resolve.

The crowd was mostly young girls, unfortunately, with a few beta-male “cucks” rattling pseudo-violent sabers. These little whores looked in their mid teens and many were enrolled in the university. They’re being taught…transformed…into God-hating harpies and soul-dead “undines.” A Christian father who sends his child to UNC ought to be flogged in front of his congregation.

Know this: these confused children are violently zealous for their neo-jacobin religion. They worship their homosexual Moloch with all the passion of the Devil and they hate Jesus Christ with every fiber of their being. We will *not* defeat them with off-hand democracy and intellectual arguments.

In fact, a friend of mine reported a poll declaring that 70% of North Carolinians oppose the toppling of Silent Sam. This angers me to no end. These aren’t poll numbers to feel smug about. We ought to be ashamed that so many of us allow so few to dominate our symbols and monuments. It’s indicative of an ashed-out passion; no smoldering embers to burn the witches alive…at the very moment the south needs raging wildfires in the hearts of every Southron! How *dare* we allow this?!

How dare we allow them to spit on our Sovereign?!



2 thoughts on “Shotgun Honors Silent Sam…

  1. ReckoninSC (@ReckoninSC) September 15, 2018 / 4:09 pm

    Hey, can you email me at the site address or one of our social media accounts? I’d love to talk to you about this blog! Thanks. Annie

    • shotgunwildatheart September 15, 2018 / 6:38 pm

      I had supposed my rhetoric was a little harsh for the refined sensibilities of “Reckonin”, but I’m at your service Annie. I’ll send a message to Reckonin’s GAB account.

      …and thanks for visiting my blog.


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