Shotgun Goes to C-Ville…


By now, most people know the general narrative of this weekend’s “Unite the Right” rally. They’ve heard how a thousand or so angry white people were denied their free speech by a radically left-wing city council, only to have a federal judge rescind the city’s decision. They’ve heard how the police corralled the demonstrators in and waited for them to be surrounded by hundreds of demoniacs. And, as we all know, the liberal powers then arbitrarily closed the event by declaring a “state of emergency”. They herded the white boys out of the park, forcing them through a narrow bottleneck, where they were conveniently exposed to the violence of the surrounding mob.

I don’t like being hemmed in. I spent most of my time circling the city blocks, watching the event from all sides, and hoping to be of service someone pulled out a rifle (God forbid).

It was a bizarre scene. The League of the South and the Trad Workers were holding the line using improvised shields, helmets, and other riot gear. Bottles, smoke bombs, bricks, and all manner of debris was flying back and forth. It was hard to breathe because of all the pepper spray (from both sides). At one point, about 60 or so of the white boys who arrived late to the event, came marching in from the east, Confederate flags waving proudly. I watched as they approached; they had to somehow pass through the army of Satanists to reach the relative safety of the shield wall.

As they got closer and were noticed, throngs of the “counter-protesters” turned around and confronted them. Insults and profanities flew. Someone thew a brick. Someone else grabbed at a flag. A melee erupted. This happened virtually right in front of me, so I threw anonymity to the wind and dove in swinging. I didn’t know any of the white boys, but they were white Christian Southerners and I couldn’t let them fight alone.

It was a nasty fight. Confused. Reckless. I can still smell the stink of it. Fortunately, I had the advantage of surprise since I was approaching from the rear. I managed to do a bit of damage before I was swallowed in a pile of dread-locks and foul odor. I imagine it looked like one of those fights in the old cartoons, where all you see is a dust cloud with elbows and arms flying randomly. Someone, I don’t know from which side, fired mace into the throng. I was dusted against the side of my face. This ended the brawl and I stumbled into the crowd.

I remember thinking I hated this sort of violence. It was senseless. Maybe this is a bad trait, but even while I was fighting, I recall philosophizing about it all. I recall thinking the only reason I was in this situation, besides unwise life decisions, was because I live in a world of “democrats” – that is, a world of people who formally disavow violence and prefer solving all their disagreements in the ballot box. Just imagine: in a sane world, we could easily deal with these people. It wouldn’t take an hour. But because everyone (on both sides) believes in “democracy”, we’re stuck in this insane “limbo” where the right of one group to have their ideals heard in public is violently opposed by another group.

And look – readers – there’s a lot of nay-saying in the Alt. Right about the C-ville rally. I understand we don’t need more cynical criticism. So I’d like to say I sincerely believe a lot of good came from what we did. We got a lot of media attention. Maybe that lone white boy, enduring constant physical humiliation from the throngs of negros in his government school, saw strong white men fighting for their people, and was inspired? Maybe others will be emboldened by our actions and begin Googling “racist” websites? Maybe Jason Kessler (the event organizer) will win a lawsuit against the city and the Alt. Right will, subsequently, win a few million to help finance more pro-Southern causes.

…but the entire event was an event that was explicitly democratic. The “win votes” and “create a political block” ideal is the reigning paradigm of all Westerners. Moreover, these types of events are predicated on a “civil rights” activism mindset. Richard Spencer (for example), at an AMREN a few years back, explicitly said we need a white Gandhi. Sam Dickson followed by suggesting we need a white Martin Luther King.

The fallacy here is thinking these “civil rights” tactics are objectively useful. In reality, the civil rights tactics only worked for the negros because the establishment (church, state, university, etc.) already desired that sort of social change. When a negro was arrested, it was: “…he a good boy, really. He din’ do nuthin’.”

But rest assured, when one of us are arrested, this will *not* be the case. No, the establishment wants our blood. Those on our side clamoring for better “optics” are pathologically deluded on this point. As if wearing suits and putting away the battle flags, will win friends and influence people. No! The best “optics” for white people are grave clothes and coffins. Nothing short will impress the frothing-at-the-mouth satanists.

The cynical note about all this is that even *if* these civil rights tactics work, we’re only building some sort of new pagan Rome. Rome *was* the god of the Romans. It was a benevolent god that allowed other minor deities into the pantheon, but the Roman state was the prime deity.

We don’t need democracy and civil rights tactics. All that will get us is more useless “non-lethal” brawls in crowded streets. Or, at best, it’ll get us a new Rome. What we need is a return to the fairy-tale vision of Christian Europe.

I want that or nothing.

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8 Responses to Shotgun Goes to C-Ville…

  1. Alex Anderson says:

    We need another rally in California, Utah, Nevada and all across the west

  2. Fr. John+ says:

    “There is no mercy, no charity, no love, and no honor in the modern world, because the European intelligentsia in church and state persist in deifying the heathens of color while demonizing the antique Europeans. I don’t need to believe that the European people are the only descendants of Adam or the true Hebrews to know that they are the Christ-bearing people. I know they are the Christ-bearing people, because of the moral beauty of the culture they created in the name of Christ the Lord. Neither historical research, church documents, nor the Bible itself will convince the willfully blind, those who reject the spirit of truth, that the European Christ is the living God. Maybe that is why our Lord said that blasphemy against the Holy Ghost would not be forgiven. If we forsake the comforter we have forsaken Christ.” –

    A news analyst clearly stated that, due to the God complex of the Left (and they ARE to blame) Civil War II has ALREADY started. I would concur.

    This demonic experiment in false Egalitarianism is at an end. The DEMOS are unmanageable, and the Cuck in Charge has wasted the one thing (Martial Law) he could have used, to stop this in its tracks- my GOd, it’s fucking LBJew and the God-forsaken Watts Riots, all over again.

    And that horrific speech of his? He just flushed down the toilet the one group that gained him the White House – the ENTIRE Alt Right. DS is down, Infostormer is down, in NC the rabble destroyed a CW statue. THIS IS JACOBINISM, run amok in America. Jews’ – and their bloodlust, like the accursed Christ-killing vampires they have ALWAYS been, are clamoring for EVERY SINGLE CONFEDERATE MONUMENT TO BE DESTROYED.

    Obama’s eight years have emboldened the Niggers far more than anything else, and they actually think they are Americans, and have a ‘right’ to KILL with impunity- and they do, daily.

    Whereas the AR were like sheep led to the slaughter. Misericordie. Domine.

    • More like it was sheep who swaggered into a situation and found a shield wall of wolves.

      I’d venture to say that out of all the satanists in that crowd, not one of them had ever been spoken to, derided, or physically dominated by white boys like they were this past weekend. Seeing whites fight back – and in such a large number – was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.

      Tell me you don’t feel something when you hear a thousand strong chanting “You Will NOT REPLACE US!”

  3. Nathan Cronauer says:

    Hello shotgun,

    I know this is not the place to ask questions regarding he van tillian fire wodpress page. But I did post a comment there recently, and I was hoping to have some of your help in understanding van till. (as a fellow reformed brother in Christ).

    I didn’t exactly know where to go to get in touch with you, and I accidentally found my way here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much,

    Nathan Cronauer

    • You want to know why I quit doing Presuppositional Apologetics? It’s because man does not have an intellectual problem with God. All the arguments, the philosophizing, the late night logical analysis – it’s all pointless, because literally no one in existence has an intellectual problem with Christianity.

      No…it’s the heart that’s the problem.

      Until a man’s heart changes, you’ll never “argue him into silence.” It wont work. At best, you might do like Sye T. B. and temporarily bamboozle him. Confuse him until he talks to his godless philosophy professor. Eventually, and if he hates God enough, he’ll come up with some philosophical model or other to rescue him from criticism. (Then the presupper has to go study and find a criticism of this new rescuing device, causing the anti-Christian to go back to the drawing board for yet another rescuing device, and so on and on it goes).

      I’d be happy to help you with Presuppositionalism if you have questions, but my heart isn’t in it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful I spent the time learning and reading and studying all that material. Unfortunately though, in contemporary America, “unbelievers” despise anyone who actually represents Christ. Despise us with such a violent passion, that they require a violent passion in turn.

      (To answer your question on the other blog: I don’t believe God miraculously grants “epistemic certainty”…He may allow us to achieve it through ordinary means, but ask yourself how epistemically certain you are that your mother exists. If someone pried into that with a passion, he needs a punch in the damned nose – not “apologetics.”)

  4. Joe Putnam says:

    Hey Shotgun.Enjoyed the repost. Interesting to see where the Alt-Right was a year ago,before the Spring 2018 implosion.

  5. greyham9 says:

    TBH Shotgun when I see these brawls I think of turning the other cheek. Fighting, yelling, it doesn’t win anything. Even if we beat up every anti-fa at an event, and without police backing them we could, we would achieve nothing politically or socially.

    I’d take two punches from an anti-fa without raising a hand to defend myself if it meant shocking him enough to be heard out. And in that little bit of listening teach that what he’s fighting for is everything he hates. His work is promoting de-humanization, destruction of identity, and the reduction of the human to an economic unit, an interchangeable cog for cosmopolitan rich.

    I’ve seen peoples views change, not often but sometimes. Even the views of far left fellows. Anyway you couldn’t do what I’m talking about against a mob, it would have to be champion against champion, two people in front of the crowd.

    Anyway I’m not criticizing you, or anyone, for fighting. The only time I’ve had run ins with antifa there was no fight and nothing interesting happened. And I’m not recommending dying quietly, or not fighting if a lethal fight breaks out. Just in that one situation, I think there is power in Christs recommendations.

    If possible, as a favor could you tell Cambria thank you for your faithful work? He helps me stay centered while trying to endure the modern church each Sunday. Of course he is right to have a closed comments section. But he’d mentioned missing kindred spirits. If you have his contact info, pass on a ‘thank you’ for me please.

  6. Faust says:

    “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant and then it seeks to silence good.” And evil is now very dominate.

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