Cult of the Upturned Roots


But their memories e’er shall remain for us,
And their names, bright names, without stain for us;
The glory they won shall not wane for us,
In legend and lay 
Our heroes in Gray 
Shall forever live over again for us. ~ Fr. Ryan

“I’m an agnostic satanist with race-realist views,” says one.

“Well, I’m a Christian,” says another, who adds: “…but I don’t take the Bible literally. So what I mean to say is I’m as much a modernist as you.”

They swill their Wal-Mart beers and give a federal salute to the battle flag; palms downward, the way I was taught to do in the Navy. Neither know it, but the old confederates saluted palm outward, like the Brits. I learned that tidbit of southern history from a Shirley Temple movie and verified it later. For years, when I’d drive by a confederate monument, I’d offer a federal salute, ignorant of the unwitting insult.

Unlike our satanist friend, however, I didn’t stay ignorant. I corrected my mistake. And moreover, I get the feeling, sometimes, I’m the only unreconstructed southerner left in the world. The rest have hung out their souls on the laundry-lines of fate and let the fiery-faggotry of Satan’s modern sun bleach them with enlightenment. “Mammy Jo’s laundry bubbles’ll get yo laundry smellin’ mhmmm, mhmmm, negro fresh! Shhhyaaah.”

And I’m not angry at these neo-confederates because of any lack of zeal on their part. They’re zealous enough when it comes to it. They hate (or at least claim to hate) the modern world. Nor am I upset about lack of head knowledge – I lack plenty enough of that. No, I’m angry at the way they’ve fallen in love with a hacked-root existence: living as cast-away firewood, when the tree that gave them birth is at hand, begging them to graft back in.

Entire generations of us were severed from our roots. That’s not our fault. It was done to us, literally at bayonet point. I can forgive a man for being indoctrinated. I can never forgive him for falling in love with his indoctrination…

These neo-confederates make up what I’m calling the cult of the upturned roots. They look up old confederate names in history books and pay homage to those men, without ever feeling what those men felt; without ever believing what those men believed. “Yeah, we love our southern ancestors, but what we really need in America now is national socialism and evolution-based eugenics! Huzzah!”

When a man is rootless, he doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know how to act. These neo-confederates are like women who pretend to like sports because they think it’ll make their boyfriends happy. They wrap themselves in the trappings of their man’s team and shish-boom-ba with the best of them. Take the sport away from them, they wont lose sleep over it.

Take the south from a neo-confederate and he’ll lose a few clothing items or bumper stickers. Take it away from me and there’s nothing left.

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6 Responses to Cult of the Upturned Roots

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    A thoughtful piece Shotgun. Embracing the flag of Dixie, and reading a bit of history, does not in itself keep alive the culture of the men being celebrated. Without Christ, Dixie is not Dixie. Without agrarianism, Dixie is not Dixie.
    And next Tuesday, most Neo-Confederates will go to the polls, the Federal flag flying over them, and blindly vote for the party of Lincoln in order to prop up America’s fading “Implicit Whiteness” for two more years, regardless of the real consequences.
    I was thinking this morning about how I love visiting places on the *original* frontier, Boonesborough, etc. I would love to see Colonial Williamsburg someday. It is special to visit a place where ones ancestors (racially, and sometimes literally) stood 200+ years ago, and to walk into buildings that they walked into.

  2. Unreconstructed Fenian says:

    A sobering reminder of all that we have lost and are on the verge of losing. Far deeper than just the lost of Dixie, as President Davis also reminded us , our enemies are traditionless and rootless, since the days of Cromwell. The tragedy is that now, our “friends” and allies are just as traditionless and rootless. The LARPing is demoralizing as we are driven through a latter-day (Kali yuga/ Iron age/ Wolf age) narrative. Thankfully, shotgunwildatheart gives an encouragement to know the real value of the struggle.


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