New from Shotwell Publishing, “A Christian Attempt to Reconcile Satanism With Scripture”, or, the actual title: “Understanding Creation and Evolution” by Howard Ray White.

Infamous Southern spokesman Clyde N. Wilson has this to say in the forward:

“It should be a major concern of every Christian to reconcile his understanding of the Holy Scriptures with the accumulating scientific knowledge of the 21st century. In this small book, Howard White has made the best, most satisfactory treatment of this vital matter that I have ever encountered. . . . The reconciliation of Scripture and evolution presented here is not mere speculation. As the author is well aware, it is of vital relevance to mankind for our understanding of who we are at this very moment in the long history of the human race — creatures of the physical world with immortal souls.”

This is a disappointing take from Dr. Wilson.

I’m not bothered *that* people believe in the asinine techno-fable that fuels modernity…but it bothers me *why* they believe it.

They naively believe “facts” speak for themselves. It doesn’t even take that much reading in philosophy to see how abjectly ridiculous that is. But they prance on through the daisies, believing whatever tripe comes from the sainted mouths of lab-coat-wearing pagans. “Studies say…” and “science says…” after all. We don’t want to be “stupid” or “backwards.”

And the idea that Howard White engages in (one of many) attempts to intertwine this asinine techno-fable with holy-writ is nigh-on blasphemy – and yet too many Christians attempt it to call it so.

Better to say that if a man is truly loyal to our Savior, he’ll stop letting modernity bully his intellect.

Dr. Wilson should know better…

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3 Responses to (r)Evolution

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    Indeed Shotgun. If the Bible is not true, than Christianity has no foundation to be true. If evolution is true, than the Bible is not true. Ergo, it is foolish to be both an evolutionist and a (professing) Christian. And this proposition stands by itself, without even looking at the holes that can easily be poked in evolutionary theory.
    Also, in his book “The Yankee Problem”, Professor Wilson falls all over himself condemning anti-semitism. Clyde Wilson knows a wealth of information on the history of Dixie, but is too weak to save his people.

  2. Paul says:

    Maybe you should read the book before criticizing it too harshly.Even if you still find it objectionable, you can at least point out the problem with the content of the book rather than just the title.
    I’ll be happy to send you a pdf or kindle or ePub edition for free. If you can’t use these, I’ll send you a print copy.
    Paul C. Graham
    Managing Partner
    Shotwell Publishing LLC

  3. You know good and well I didn’t form my opinion of this book based solely on the title, which is innocuous enough…and given Dr. Wilson’s praise, I think I’ve got the exact right of it.

    I thank you for your offer, but I have to decline. Maybe some Christian out there who’s worried about being called “stupid” and “unscientific” by that gaggle of pretentious moderns, will enjoy the book…but that’s not me.


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