Tidewater Tranquil


“We felt very glad in our hearts as we walked along the sands side by side.  For my part, I felt so deeply overjoyed, that I was surprised at my own sensations, and fell into a reverie upon the causes of happiness.

I came to the conclusion that a state of profound peace and repose, both in regard to outward objects and within the soul, is the happiest condition in which man can be placed; for, although I had many a time been most joyful and happy when engaged in bustling, energetic, active pursuits or amusements, I never found that such joy or satisfaction was so deep or so pleasant to reflect upon as that which I now experienced.” ~ R. M. Ballantyne “The Coral Island”

This will seem ridiculous to moderns – given their petty anesthetics, administered daily to ward off soul-hauntings – but there is a peace that surpasseth understanding. And it is available to the Christian. It’s difficult to suss out and few even realize the need. We have commercials, entertainment, sugar, and fried foods after all. What more could we want?

I seek it out by the water in my native land. Every inch of the place is filled with beauty and memory of happier times. With the calm water, the warm sunbeams, the faint, lazy, ringing of church-bells…it’s as close to Heaven as we might get on Earth. Better only if surrounded by friends and family on these remarkable occasions.

The Tidewater is my house of worship.

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