Dead Man’s Throttle…


~ Here’s to the feet, what have walked the plank,
Yo ho! for the dead man’s throttle!
And here’s to the corpses floatin’ round in the tank, 
And the dead man’s teeth in the bottle! ~ Dr. Syn 

I’ve had a gnawing suspicion about the so-called “Alt. Right”, but lately, my suspicion has grown into a fury of desperation. That may sound melodramatic, and maybe it is, but I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about it. More broadly, I’ve been considering an offhand comment from Richard Spencer in a youtube broadcast a few weeks ago where he says: “Spirit is power.”

He has some disjointed and ostentatious notion of a cultural “mood” in mind here, though, as a Christian, I’m of the opinion this “mood” is composed of very real, living, beings. Powers of the air, as it were – and anyone with eyes and ears ought to understand, it’s a dark and evil spirit. All our problems, be they jews, central banking, feminism, or what have you, arise from this unfettered and unholy “breeze.” I’m afraid the so-called “Alt. Right” is a whirling “eddy” of it.

I’ve taken to calling Alt. Right partisans “materialists” and they all, to a man, deny it. But consider the following analogy, and I ask the reader’s pardon in advance for its morbid trappings. Nevertheless, I think it does well as an insight:

I’d like to ask my readers a question, but to ask it, we must enter the dark world of a gothic “romance”. We take ourselves to a small farm on the outskirts of a lazy, country, town. This farm is presided over by the ideal couple: a brisk young man and his beautiful wife. Which you are in this story doesn’t matter, but place yourself in one or the other of the couple’s work boots. After many peaceful years, one of the couple becomes, unexpectedly, ill, and dies tragically. Unfortunately, the surviving spouse is visited the next night by a dark angel who proclaims that he will bestow on the spouse a gift, whether it’s wanted or not. Namely: he will offer the spouse a choice: either he will bring back the spirit of the fallen partner, to haunt the farm, or he’ll bring back the fallen partner’s body, though who knows with what spirit it will be animated. Your choice, dear readers?

Everyone I’ve asked has chosen to have the spirit. Best, by far, to see your fallen love through the window at night, walking into the barn, or to feel her presence in the kitchen, or the warmth of her lost love around the fireplace on a cold evening. The other option is out of a horror novel – to keep her bound in the basement, in a demonic fervor, though, still present to touch and feel, and perhaps, when the demon’s mood has abated sufficiently, to snuggle with…

The choice ought to be clear, and yet, in practice, almost everyone chooses the reanimated corpse option. Think of it on a grand scale, if you will: they want the physical trappings of old Europe without her loving spirit. In their every commentary, they extol the genetic virtues of white people (especially our women) – or they opine longingly for the “technological” advances of our scientists, the political machines of the past, or the grand architecture. All of these things are the corpse and trappings of a once-great people.

On the other hand, I long for the spirit of old Europe. I’d rather be comforted with ghosts and sad memories of times past, even while surrounded by ruin, than to have a few grand buildings again, though filled with soulless creatures of the demon-wind.

~ I don’t want to gain the whole world, and lose my soul ~ 


What bothers me mightily about this is the Christian response to it. I mean, those men loyal to their race and who still claim loyalty to the man Jesus. Having been spiritually cut off from that world of the past, they are, essentially, floating blindly through the wreckage and, seeing a whirlwind of pagans clamoring for white “civil-rights”, have grabbed desperately to the Alt. Right.

Their meager evangelism or their ill-fated attempts at apologetics, amount to fervent appeals to the good judgement of these government-schooled, neo-darwinian, modernists. They wish to show that our sacred faith is, indeed, compatible with the pagan worldview. “We can be Christian *and* believe in evolution!” they cry. Or “Jesus threw the jews out of the temple!” That last is almost universally repeated by any nominally-Christian Alt. Right talking-head. The response from the neo-pagans is almost as universally ubiquitous: “…but Jesus was a jew! And Christianity is a jewish religion!”

That this is absurd is beside the point. If we seek to have men wrap sacred trappings around the rotting neo-darwinian techno-fable that motivates all Alt. Right commentary, then what are we really achieving? Is the goal to simply get a body in a pew on Sunday morning? Stop this blasphemy!

We’ve seen the Alt. Right “spirit” crumble and absolutely disintegrate under pressure. And now that the pagan flotsam has proven itself unworthy for the raging seas, it’s time we, as Christian leaders (for such any of you are who take the time to read my ramblings), rise up to show the world that we’re still here, and we have life to offer the perishing.

It’s up to we few to rebuild Christendom…so long as the blood endures!

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1 Response to Dead Man’s Throttle…

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    A good post Shotgun. Your observation of the Alt-Right choosing the shell of our people without the soul is well thought out. When Alt-Right commentators who reject the Bible cherry pick great quotes from past Christian White men, especially great Confederates, while rejecting their worldview -it rings hollow.
    From a Biblical perspective, it seems to me that the pretty much the whole Old Testament is the story of physical Israel going through periods of spiritual blindness, and physical judgement and bondage falling on them. Using typology, and a generally Historicist perspective on prophecy, I suspect that Europeans and their countries, which have been the obvious home of the true church for almost 2,000 years, are in a similar cycle. I pray our people wake up before God turns us over en masse to our enemies.


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