~ We’ll Meet in Fairyland ~

~ Ye’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low,
and I’ll be in Scotland afore ye,
But me and my true love will never meet again,
on the bonnie, bonnie, banks of Loch Lomond… ~

Got in an argument today with virtually all my co-workers.

An unusually intelligent-sounding one opined that our women were currently at home, cheating on us, despite our long hours of work on their behalf. This met with a chorus of agreement. “Pre-nups are the order of the day, boys.”

He had some familiarity with the “manosphere” material and went on about how we’re better off without the fairer sex. I spoke up, suggesting if there were more chivalry in the world, we might find ladies worthy of it.

This sparked a round of hearty laughs and insults at my expense. The word “chivalry” was rejected by all. I’ve heard this line before and I could tell it wasn’t new to them either. “They’re not worth it” they said, citing the unjust legal system, weighted against men in every domestic challenge. I said I might know some worth it (although, I didn’t admit they were likely fictional).

The smart one eventually admitted to being an atheist and conceded that he wanted to shack up with a Christian woman because at least, he supposed, she’d be loyal to him. I said that he, like myself and the rest of the guys, had a lot of work to do to earn one like that.

They said I should lower my standards and stop dreaming. They’re probably right about that, but then again, they haven’t read the same stories I have.

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2 Responses to ~ We’ll Meet in Fairyland ~

  1. Joe Putnam says:

    My idea of *fairyland* would be a homeschooled girl from a small farm in the Dixie Block. Preferably about 5’7″ with red hair. Still looking…


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