About Ol’ Shotgun


I’m a 38 year old ex-Naval Photographer, currently living in N.C. (I’ve been recently liberated from the armpit of Hell, A.K.A: Washington D.C.)  If you have any questions for me, or need to contact me, my email address is: shotgun (underscore) smith at (use the at symbol) hotmail dot com. And please, no autograph requests or marriage proposals.

“If you please, glorious lord,’ Gawain said to the King,

“I will turn from this table and stand by you there,

If I may do that without discourtesy,

And without displeasing my liege lady,

I would come to your counsel before your great court,

For I think it not proper, according to our customs,

For such a request to be put so high in your hall

That you feel moved to reply to it yourself

When so many of the bravest are about you on the bench.

There are no better warriors, I believe, under heaven,

No better bodies on earth, when the battle begins.

I am the weakest, I know, and the least wise,

And cling least to my life, if anyone wants the truth,

But as you are my uncle whom I live to praise

And your blood is the sole virtue in my body,

And since this affair is so foolish, it does not befit you.

I have asked this of you first, and beg you to grant it,

And if my request is improper, I ask this great court

not to blame me.”

All the court began whispering

And all thought the same:

Relieve the crowned King

And let Gawain have the game.

27 Responses to About Ol’ Shotgun

  1. Shotgun, You’ve got a great blog here – very articulate and insightful posts. I hope to see you add new material more often.

    I found you by following a link from http://www.confederatecolonel.com and am going to add a link to your sight from my own blog, http://www.ConfederateDigest.com. If you decide to link me to Shotgun Barrell Straight it would be appreciated.

  2. E says:

    I agree with Mr. Conn with the compliments he gave you on your blog. I do have to say I have never seen anyone use the words “particular” and “particularly” as much as you do.
    None of my business, of course, but I always find that constructive criticism if anything is more beneficial than just a compliment.:)

  3. shotgunwildatheart says:


    You know something, E…I despise my writing of late.

    It’s been forced and unnatural. I haven’t posted anything in a long time either…but, hey, I’m feeling in the mood again.

    I hope to do a major overhaul of my blog shortly and many of the really horribly-written blogs might disappear.

    Thanks for posting and I always welcome criticism (and compliments!)

  4. sweetlysadie says:

    If you must “over haul” your blog, you should make a section just for old entries… dont delete them. You might enjoy looking back on your thoughts, years from now.
    Great stuff goin on here.

  5. Hognutz says:

    Welcome home sir….Glad I found your Blog.

  6. vorlos says:


    Found you through Cambria. After reading about your experiences with the females (not ladies) you have interacted with, I recommend you review De Tocqueville’s remarks set forth herein: http://www.teachushistory.org/detocqueville-visit-united-states/approaches

    Particularly the part about the relationship of the white child, the negress and the Indian (pardon, Native American). Please note how far we have come and all in the wrong direction.

    Pertinent to the female problem is a sage observation by a Comanche blogger, BadEagle: http://www.badeagle.com/2001/05/18/whats-up-with-white-women/

    His column is worth perusing also.


  7. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Thanks Mr. Vorlos.

    Nice to know that greater men than I have been perplexed by the “female problem”.

  8. CHRIS MINGIN says:


    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      You’d better! Although your negro girlfriend might not like it! lol

      • CHRIS MINGIN says:

        I am shocked and appalled at the notion of me having a negro girl friend. and also I thing the cerdible hulk looks like me with hair. Put that in your dime store brier pipe and smoke it.

  9. Kim Brown says:

    Good morning Scott,

    This is Kim Brown. We met and spoke at CPAC. I’ve read your blog (and believe you left a comment on my blog). I’m interested in having you on my program to discuss your views, and the future of this nation, as you see it.

    This is not an invitation to attack you — after all, it was I who said to you at CPAC that it’s totally okay to be proud to be white. If you’re interested or have any questions, let me know. Thanks for your consideration.

  10. shotgunwildatheart says:

    I remember you fondly, Ms. Brown.

    And I’ll only come on your show if you promise to misrepresent me and show me in the worst possible light, lol.

  11. Ken says:

    Wow you got her there shotgun! Since they always break their promises she is forced to do the opposite of what you asked her to promise! lol

  12. BTWN says:

    Hey – Would you be interested in joining me in a google hangout? I have a lot of questions for you.

    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      Hey BTWN,

      Thanks for the request. I’m assuming you’re not interested in discussing presuppositionalism, postmillennialism, or theonomy; but rather, are more interested in “Kinism”, am I right?

      If that’s the case, I’d probably have far more questions for you on racial issues, especially as they pertain to political philosophy, ecclesiology, eschatology, and every “ology” in between, than you would have for me. I’m interested in mining the wealth of Christian scholarship on the matters involved, and piecing the available material together into a systematic approach.

      I’ve put out the word in the Kinist community that you’d like to discuss Kinism. I don’t want to presume to be the best spokesman (I’m clumsy and not a good speaker). In a day or so, I’ll see what the consensus is, and let you know.

      Don’t be surprised, though, if the Kinist community chooses not to interact with you at all (formally). It’s far more beneficial to us (at the moment) to operate under the radar. We’re growing by leaps and bounds (more and more people are willing to self identify as Kinists); so, it might be deemed more prudent to continue growing, while the mainstream Christians continue ignoring us, or believing we’re simply a “fringe” element.

      Still – I’ll see what the mood of the community is, and act accordingly.

  13. Derek Simmons says:

    Because I found your blog interesting and insightful when I “discovered” it earlier today, I spent time trying to retrace the “hyper-links” that landed me at your url. In the time taken I couldn’t do it, so I accept that it was God’s Will and His Leading.
    As a recent transplant to NC myself, I tell all who ask–and some who don’t–that I was born in California but moved to NC when I was 73. Slow learner with thick family and community ties not
    easily sundered.
    So please, now that I’ve discovered you, keep on blogging on. Apparently I’m not alone in this sentiment. Thanks.

  14. hello shotgun, i was wondering what is your stance on slavery and the bible? i have found a rather old text claiming that even the “emberassing” texts dont teach slavery and just wanna know how doo you interpret those verses? http://www.biblebelievers.com/misc_periodical_articles/anti-slavery001.pdf

  15. like for example levitcus 25:44-46 and all those times in the NT when Paul tells slaves to obey their masters, the text i mentioned says that christians who believe they teach slavery are mis interpresting them, so do you believe so? and if possbile could you show me if the text i should you is intepreting those verses wrongly? (if they are)

    • My argument for slavery (and I suspect most Christians who have ever argued for a slave-based social system have argued similarly), has a few simple premises…

      1. There will *always* be a peasant / slave class.

      2. Since there will always be a peasant / slave class, good Christian men should manage them wisely and honestly.


      I’ve not read any Scripture denying either of these, although I’m sure pretentious modernists can wring, twist, and squeeze out the Devil if they try. These Satanists support all manner of sick sexual fetishes with Scripture, so it’s no surprise they can support radically egalitarian social systems.

      But a common sense reading of the text supports my view.

  16. ok then but the literature i brought up also says jubliee applies to non-hebrews and therofore they get to go free on that year as well so is that true?

    • There’s a lot to unpack there, but imagine how anti-slavery advocates might use “jubilee” laws. At best, they’d have to support short-term slavery, and we both know even that would be extremely distasteful for them.

      But can we really derive radical egalitarianism from Jubilee laws? The answer is clearly no. We cannot support the modern world by appeal to Scripture. If we’re going to have a Biblical society, it will be radically different from modern-day America.

      All of this is in addition to arguments about the finer points of OT slavery.

  17. I suppose it depends on the arguments someone wants to make from those verses.

    The only relevance I see in the 1 Corinthians 6 passage is if we find “man-stealing” among the list of sins (which many translations do not). But even then, a massive argument has to be offered to show that a slave-based social order is to be equated to “man-stealing”. No one suggests police are “kidnappers” for arresting criminals (although, if the police illegally or immorally arrest someone, it might well be seen as kidnapping). In the same way, if someone kidnaps a person in an immoral way, they’re guilty of a serious crime – but if someone is taken into slavery via some moral means, then “man-stealing” wouldn’t apply.

    And the anti-slavery advocate who appeals to James 5 is presupposing a Marxist theory of value. As a matter of fact, a slave owner who does not provide his slave with appropriate housing, clothing, food, medical benefits, etc, is “withholding” him wages; but this doesn’t apply to normal slave situations.

  18. Andrew says:

    I like how you write. Your “Shotgun and the Leprechaun”, reminded me for some reason of my late father. He once told me a story, back during the depression, he met a man selling pencils, dad bought one for five cents. The man told dad it would bring good luck. Dad left and down the road he had a flat, he thought that’s not good luck, but when he got out of the car he found a five dollar bill right at his feet. Anyway I’ll be checking back for more of your posts. I am webmaster for a friend, will add your blog to his.

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