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A Sad Parable

This goes out to all the techno-pagans in the Alt. Right who are repulsed by the poetic vision of the men whose symbols, jargon, and memories they wrap themselves in on a daily basis: Once upon a time, there was … Continue reading

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The Formula

The formula is as follows: Faith —> Hope —> Love …and in that order. I have an argument against this. I don’t know if I came up with it on my own or if it’s something a swarm of demons … Continue reading

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Suffer the Slings and Arrows?

My friend Adam Grey has written an article for Faith and Heritage, outlining a devastating rise of suicide among lower middle class whites. Whether it be an outright death or a slow death through drugs and alcohol, the epidemic (according … Continue reading

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President Trump

All over the white net, debates rage about the nature of Donald Trump’s presidency. Will he keep his flagrant promises or wont he? Is he a stooge of the mysterious elite, or is he a friend of the little guy? … Continue reading

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Traveling Knight

“Still the knight is young  and traveling on with pleasure. Grant him wishes well, luck in the fullest measure. Bid you all adieu, stories to keep and treasure. When he’s passing through, ever and on he goes…” I tweaked those … Continue reading

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Shotgun and the Leprechaun

If you’re wondering what happened to my response to Ehud’s F&H slam article, I’ve unpublished it. I decided to take the high road; be the bigger man, as it were. So come, my minions. Critique me; psychoanalyze me; make judgements … Continue reading

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Luck of the Irate

Here’s a pro tip guys: if you give a girl flowers and she’s disappointed because they’re not edible or otherwise useful around the farm, marry her. Here’s another pro tip: no matter how angry you get at God, never challenge … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of a Deconversion

The first cynical maxim of deconversion: God may be good, but He’s not *that* good. Whatever the smart men say about the theology of “good”, at the end of the day, we dream bigger than God. He usually intends for … Continue reading

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Am I Racist Against Whites?!

“Well the orders came down, we’ll attack tonight at nightfall. If we can stop them right here, we’ll win this war once and for all. You know, I killed a Union boy last week, bet he wasn’t fourteen. He looked … Continue reading

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Farewell to Arms?

“Yet I know that good is coming to me – that good is always coming; though few have at all times the simplicity and the courage to believe it.” ~ George MacDonald I deleted my entire social media presence and … Continue reading

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