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Midnight in the Garden of Philosophy

Someone recently asked me why I’ve stopped doing apologetics. My readers here at Shotgun Barrel Straight may not be aware, but I was a serious “amateur” Christian apologist for many years, even before I started this blog. I became an … Continue reading

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Commentary: Religion and Politics in the U.S.

  Preface A highly-regarded study in academic circles, Wald and Brown’s book has  offered many a way to begin parsing through the complex relationship between religion and politics. The preface is brief. They lay out what they hope to accomplish … Continue reading

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Update on the Dark Side…

Imagine my surprise when, today, while flipping through the radio channels, I heard the tail-end of a news report about the Harrisburg PA diocese…the same which presided over the supposed possession case I mentioned in my last post. I read … Continue reading

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Shotgun and Another Brush with the Dark Side…

I was reading the news Sunday and saw another one of those demon possession articles. Yet another Catholic priest was going on about the rise in exorcism rites in America and opining about the increase of demonic activity. This time, … Continue reading

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~ Happy Valentine’s ~

~ Will I Ever Know You? ~ A poem for all you hopeless romantics, from the worst of all the afflicted, your friend, Shotgun… Before the mountains met their roots In the womb of God’s great sea And the birds … Continue reading

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Review: Surprised By Hope

It’s been a number of years since I’ve been able to stomach either a philosopher or a theologian. The philosophers, the analytic sort worthy of the title, dig in their heels so deeply on a topic, they can’t be moved. … Continue reading

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Scrooge Writ Large…

The poets are the “first historians” because they tell us of the spirit behind the facts of the pedestrian, factoid historians. Our first historians, the European poets, tell us of a people who saw a great light; they saw the … Continue reading

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Profane Women

I have a love for music and when I was around eight, I used to sit eagerly by the radio, finger hovering over the record button, waiting for my chosen song to come on. In this way, I created multiple … Continue reading

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Tar-Heel Tarnation…

I loiter around an upscale cigar lounge near Raleigh. It’s frequented by all manner of men. Most are pillars of the community, and many are either currently involved with, or retired members of, the NC state government. One, a conservative … Continue reading

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~ The Whitest Mouse I Know ~

Over the years, I’ve built an extensive library, mostly hard-backs and heavy tombs. As my worldview shifted from rationalism to romance, my shelf-arrangements changed accordingly. My philosophy texts began shifting to the backs and bottoms, while the old-European novels began … Continue reading

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