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(12) Chivalry vs. The Mexican Mafia

(An anecdote from my time in the prison. As I’m no longer employed there, I thought I’d re-post it): Some of you know I’ve taken a job as a prison guard. The rules say I’m not supposed to talk about … Continue reading

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(11): A Few Optimistic Updates…

A good friend of mine, Mr. Kirk Forlatt, is always giving me advice and helpful encouragement. For example, he noted that I spend too much time looking for acceptance among an internet crowd of friends who, when push comes to … Continue reading

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(10): Why Not Me?

(**EDIT** I was riding out a caffeine high when I wrote this. Later, when thinking objectively about my writing, I realized there’s no way, even at my best, I could compete with the popular authors. God knows that’s evident to … Continue reading

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(8) What Am I?

My readers know how the full moon affects me. At least, you’ve all heard me write about it numerous times. I can feel it coming on before the moon even rises and the mania (because that’s what it feels like) … Continue reading

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(7) Do You Even LARP Bro?!

Andy Nowicki, ever the controversialist, is one of the few Alt.Right personalities with the courage to analyze and critique trends. In a recent Facebook post, he exclaimed how underenthused he was with repetitive Alt. Right lingo. A based claim, tbqh … Continue reading

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(6) Shotgun Forsakes the Assembly

I haven’t been a regular church goer for well over a decade. This started out innocently enough – I was in the Navy and often had to work Sundays. Also, being on the introverted side, I’d wait until I could … Continue reading

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(5) On Poverty…

In Graham Greene’s “The Power and the Glory” the fugitive priest gives mass in an impoverished Mexican village. Trying to ease their pain, he teaches that God makes them suffer so Heavenly rewards will be all the sweeter. We might … Continue reading

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(4) A Maned Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

“Little girl! Little girl! There’s no running in here!” Dr. Joel McDurmon, now the esteemed apologist-in-chief at the once conservative American Vision organization, chased a toddler through the quiet hallway. I was at a Presbyterian church in Georgia for a … Continue reading

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(3) Our Man In Carolina

I don’t care a damn about men who are loyal to the people who pay them, to organizations…I don’t think even my country means all that much. There are many countries in our blood, aren’t there, but only one person. … Continue reading

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(2): CWNY’ing My Library

That type of apologetics, also championed by F. J. Sheed and Arnold Lunn, must be kept on a small shelf in the church basement. When given too prominent a place, such over-intellectualizing of Christianity can send the potential convert into … Continue reading

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