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Luck of the Irate

Here’s a pro tip guys: if you give a girl flowers and she’s disappointed because they’re not edible or otherwise useful around the farm, marry her. Here’s another pro tip: no matter how angry you get at God, never challenge … Continue reading

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Am I Racist Against Whites?!

“Well the orders came down, we’ll attack tonight at nightfall. If we can stop them right here, we’ll win this war once and for all. You know, I killed a Union boy last week, bet he wasn’t fourteen. He looked … Continue reading

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Farewell to Arms?

“Yet I know that good is coming to me – that good is always coming; though few have at all times the simplicity and the courage to believe it.” ~ George MacDonald I deleted my entire social media presence and … Continue reading

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The Braggart

Men who brag about wanting to meet Jesus have something seriously wrong with them. You all don’t have to share this opinion. Our judgements of others are influenced by life’s little anecdotes as well as individual temperaments, so I don’t … Continue reading

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Armadillo by Morning…

“…everything that I’ve got, is just what I’ve got on. I aint got a dime, but what I got is mine. I aint rich, but Lord knows I’m free…” I’m uncool in Alternative Right circles because I don’t believe in … Continue reading

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Shotgun vs. Hipstergrass

Modern bluegrass needs its own category: “Hipstergrass.” The Dixie Chicks and Nickel Creek, back in the 90’s, started the slide, and now every two-bit suspender-wearing degenerate is strumming a banjo, claiming to sing old time music, and wearing the thickest … Continue reading

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A Rose From the Ruins

“What would you do, Captain Quantrill, were yours the power and the opportunity?” inquired the secretary. “Do, Mr. Secretary? I would wage such a war as to make surrender forever impossible. I would break up foreign enlistments by indiscriminate massacre. … Continue reading

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Real Estate in Old Europe

The vernerable Messers. Sam Dickson and Jared Taylor have produced a video where they attempt to answer why white people are, essentially, committing suicide. Dickson presented what we might call a materialistic “reduction” of the problem to a psychological disposition. … Continue reading

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Fasting: To be Continued…

– Bad luck strikes again. Or maybe it’s God’s providence? For reasons beyond my control life has stepped in requiring me to break my fast earlier than I had planned. Still, I made it five days, so I suppose that’s … Continue reading

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Fasting Log: Day 4

– Bad dreams. Woke up at five in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I kept hashing and re-hashing old failures, past humiliations, and mistakes. Got up, took a long hot shower, but even then, it was some … Continue reading

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