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Not Sure How to Take This…

Dear Scott, Here is a letter that I’m writing you but you don’t know who it is that is sending you this.  For one thing I would like to tell you that you are a very handsome and attractive man … Continue reading

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Office Humor

(How would you feel if you received the following email in the midst of a busy day at the office?): Dear Mrs. —, I remain in an unresolved disposition in reference to our mutual project left incomplete earlier this week. … Continue reading

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A Van Tillian Hat-Tip

Dear Sir, As you probably know, there is a somewhat friendly (though sometimes unfriendly) intramural debate among Christian apologists as to the correct methodology one should utilize when approaching intellectual objections. Of course, apologists are infamous for sagacity, not civility, … Continue reading

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A Letter to Shotgun from His Knees:

Dear Sir, Our doubt in respite, We take great delight, In examining your plight…so listen to we: It can’t hardly be fair, To crouch in despair, With considerable air…mourning to your King! We’re pressed to the ground While you bay … Continue reading

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Annoying Letter to a Neighbor

Dear Neighbor, Last night, someone placed an anonymous letter on my door explaining that loud noises had kept them awake…so loud, in fact, that the individual couldn’t sleep even with earplugs! The letter indicated that these noises were coming from … Continue reading

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Letter to an Atheist Friend…

Since it looks like we’re not going to mass-debate together, I thought a parting gift was in order. What sort of Christian would I be if I didn’t try to leave some bit of wisdom, or at the very least, … Continue reading

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A Letter to Mr. Bertram From His Daughter Maria

Forgive me my dear father for not writing sooner. A most scandalous and ill-natured rumor has reached my ears, and I write to inquire as to the truth of it. I’ve heard tell from the servants, as well as from … Continue reading

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Pretentious Navigation Through Cultural Crises

Dear Editor, I wish the Chowan Herald had stood up against the destruction of our community instead of openly celebrating it. I left Edenton in ignorance and eventually settled in Washington D.C.  It’s a great town, but I soon realized … Continue reading

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Reply to Uncle Eddie

Hey, it’s a really great day here as well…thanks for the letter.    Days like today make me realize how great of a life the bum, or migrant worker has.  All day long, working outside, not a care in the … Continue reading

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Letter To a Christian Friend

Well, no matter how much I try to deny it, I’m not perfect. Given that, then I have to admit that deep down there is a little pride left in me albeit mixed with a tad bit of righteous indignation. … Continue reading

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