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Why I’m Not an Activist

Research has a minor place in the scheme of things because research is dependent on an objective researcher and an objective examiner of the research. But man is not an objective creature. He does not use his reason to determine … Continue reading

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Cambria Doesn’t Yield to Calvinist Speculators

“Kinism” is formally associated with Calvinist dogma, growing out of the Presbyterian cultural milieu of the early 90’s…and as such, its adherents have retained many of the proclivities so common among modern Presbyterians. I have an off-the-cuff suspicion about Presbyterian … Continue reading

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Dr. Bahnsen’s Economic Argument Against Alienism

Most all modern Reformed theories of state and society are (unbeknownst to the Evangelicals) premised on neo-Marxist presuppositions.  While their emotional motivations are grounded in the civil-rights era, these anti-tribalists premise their intellectual objections to tribalism and ethnic-based social orders … Continue reading

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Helping Whipps Understand Kinism

A few months back, a “presuppositionalist” blogger named Joshua Whipps wrote a “slam” article against me, implying (and I loosely paraphrase): that I’m an evil racist everyone should avoid. His comments were apparently sparked by my “Van Tillian Fire” blog, … Continue reading

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Got Integrity?

From time to time this “Got Questions” article surfaces as a “refutation” of Kinism.  As usual for social Marxists, the author shows little knowledge of Kinist ideals.  At least he recognizes that we’re not Christian Identity advocates.  That’s more than … Continue reading

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Schwertley on the Kinist “Heresy”…

It’s a shame that unchecked zealots like Brian Schwertley exist in the Reformed community – and yet, they’re amongst us.[1]  Back in 2010, Schwertley preached a series of FOUR sermons on the so-called “Kinist” heresy.  Chocked full of arbitrary and … Continue reading

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Spreading the Kinist Message at the Bahnsen Conference

I flew out to California to attend the first ever Greg L. Bahnsen conference – a conference focusing on presuppositional apologetic methodology as well as theonomy and Christian ethics. Dr. Bahnsen’s work has meant so much to me and changed … Continue reading

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An Argument Against Certain Forms of Christian Identity

I have great fellowship with some Christian Identity advocates.  Nevertheless, certain forms of CI teaching are not only false, but harmful to us as racially self-conscious Christians.  Furthermore, the sheer arrogance and vitriolic rhetoric from many in the CI movement, … Continue reading

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Roots of a Christian Romantic Nationalism — Man in Context

“In Him, we live, move, and have our being.” ~ Acts 17:28 Nationalism must have its roots in sound philosophy or else it will never present itself as a viable political option in a post-Christian world.  And if the philosophy … Continue reading

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Dr. Bahnsen on Galatians 3:28

One of the most often misquoted verses of scripture by our alienist friends, is Galatians 3 verse 28: There is neither jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in … Continue reading

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