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Shotgun vs. the Yang Gang…

“Are you a capitalist or a socialist?”  I’m often asked this. It’s not a fair question and the truth is, I don’t know nor do I really care. I don’t know because I’m convinced that the majority of such words … Continue reading

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Dead Man’s Throttle…

~ Here’s to the feet, what have walked the plank, Yo ho! for the dead man’s throttle! And here’s to the corpses floatin’ round in the tank,  And the dead man’s teeth in the bottle! ~ Dr. Syn  I’ve had … Continue reading

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Richard Spencer, President?

“You, are not allowed in my ethnostate!” I’ve been a long-time defender of Richard Spencer. Frankly, I’ve never understood the vitriolic criticism of the guy. He’s the obvious choice for defacto “leader” of the Alt. Right, and I’ve been very … Continue reading

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Blonde in the Belly of Modernity

I overheard a couple of Alt. Right fellas debating the ~ ahem ~ merits of Blonde in the Belly of the Beast in comparison with Lauren Southern. Because I’m a bigoted, low-class, man, I thought I’d weigh in. Both are … Continue reading

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Trapped in the Underground…

Seclusion memes are a particular type of dark-humor. A form of self-deprecating joke, they hint at an implicit psychological ill among Alt. Right millennials. Our modern world is increasingly “atomized” leading young people away from real-life interactions and towards the … Continue reading

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Unite the Right: Take 2…

Before, and during, my blogging hiatus, the Alternative Right almost completely disintegrated. While much post-disintegration commentary blames the “Unite the Right” rally of 2017, the truth is, the falling apart happened, almost out of the blue, in 2018. Almost every … Continue reading

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A Rose From the Ruins

“What would you do, Captain Quantrill, were yours the power and the opportunity?” inquired the secretary. “Do, Mr. Secretary? I would wage such a war as to make surrender forever impossible. I would break up foreign enlistments by indiscriminate massacre. … Continue reading

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(7) Do You Even LARP Bro?!

Andy Nowicki, ever the controversialist, is one of the few Alt.Right personalities with the courage to analyze and critique trends. In a recent Facebook post, he exclaimed how underenthused he was with repetitive Alt. Right lingo. A based claim, tbqh … Continue reading

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