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Dr. Bahnsen’s Economic Argument Against Alienism

Most all modern Reformed theories of state and society are (unbeknownst to the Evangelicals) premised on neo-Marxist presuppositions.  While their emotional motivations are grounded in the civil-rights era, these anti-tribalists premise their intellectual objections to tribalism and ethnic-based social orders … Continue reading

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Spreading the Kinist Message at the Bahnsen Conference

I flew out to California to attend the first ever Greg L. Bahnsen conference – a conference focusing on presuppositional apologetic methodology as well as theonomy and Christian ethics. Dr. Bahnsen’s work has meant so much to me and changed … Continue reading

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Transcendent Man

I just watched a very infuriating documentary outlining the thought of scientist Ray Kurzweil.  (“Transcendent Man” can be watched on Netflix.) Kurzweil is known for creating things like the flatbed scanner and portable reading devices for the blind. He proposes … Continue reading

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Summer Reading List

I know it’s a little late, but I’ve finally compiled my summer reading list. There are a lot of heavy books on the list this season (…literally…)  So in an effort to calm my nerves, I’ve done some quick figuring. … Continue reading

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Dr. Bahnsen Defends Miscegenation

I would like to preface this post by saying that I have a profound respect for Dr. Bahnsen. God used him to pull me out of a mire of humanism and state-worship. He literally taught me the history of Western … Continue reading

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