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Farther On

“Oh my brother, are you weary Of the roughness of the way? Does your strength begin to fail you And your vigor to decay? Farther on.  Still go farther. Count the milestones, one by one. Jesus will forsake you never. … Continue reading

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Got Integrity?

From time to time this “Got Questions” article surfaces as a “refutation” of Kinism.  As usual for social Marxists, the author shows little knowledge of Kinist ideals.  At least he recognizes that we’re not Christian Identity advocates.  That’s more than … Continue reading

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Malacandrian Theology

I have found the following illustration helpful when introducing someone to Reformed metaphysics (AKA: Reformed Theology): In C.S. Lewis’ wonderful Sci-Fi novel “Out of the Silent Planet,” the main character Ransom had full control over his mental faculties at all … Continue reading

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When Your Vacuume Blows, and Your Steamer Sucks…

I often hear of Christians who struggle with depression. Heck, I’m one of them. I once ran across a link to a series of audio lectures by a Christian counselor. In order to combat depression, he says, you should make … Continue reading

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Observations from a Sitting Duck

“Duck…Duck…Duck…” The tension mounted with every word! Brandon, (wearing an evil grin) strolled around the circle of children patting each on the head.  “Duck…Duck…Duck…” He was a master of suspense!  The power was in his tiny hands! For a brief … Continue reading

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