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Friends in Low Places…

In my quest to find a fairy-tale existence, I’ve been in search of life experiences. My search has landed me in low company. Drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless men, and recently-released ex-cons (some of whom remember me from my time as … Continue reading

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Defense of Women?

I’ve just tried reading Mencken’s “Defense of Women” and was so disgusted by it, I couldn’t make it through three chapters. That’s the last Mencken book I ever try to read. He allows for the Freudian view of Shakespeare as … Continue reading

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The Indomitable Critter

Injun will chase a thing till he thinks he’s chased it enough. Then he quits. Same way when he runs. Seems like he never learns there’s such a thing as a critter that’ll just keep comin’ on. So we’ll find … Continue reading

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Wherefore Art Thou White Knights?

For some reason (that boggles my mind), homosexuals are gaining status as “leaders” in the alternative right.  Even more absurd: they’re becoming leaders in the “masculinity” and anti-feminist movement.  To cap off this parade of nonsense, zealous alt-righters, who put … Continue reading

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By Turning, Turning, We’ll Come Round Right?

“His credit, not his crime, was non-compliance with a wicked time” ~ Heiland “So face with calm that heritage And earn contempt before this age” ~ Allen Tate “Brief Message”* My last post exposed some initial frustrations with the current … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Quentin Durward

Part the First – Part the Second – Part the Third – Part the Fourth – Part the Fifth – Part the Sixth – Part the Seventh – Part the Eighth –

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Review: The Tale of Despereaux

I read The Tale of Despereaux this weekend and thought it an odd reversal of common folk-wisdom.  The movie was much better than the book (usually, it’s the other way around). You may recall that I spoke highly of the … Continue reading

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Wielding Emily

(I wrote this in response to an article at AlternativeRight.  The author promotes a retreat from contemporary society; abandoning white women to neo-feminism. I think Christian men should die fighting for the archtypical woman and wield her bravely, as God intended. Read … Continue reading

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Chivalry and the Death of a Nation

“From all that I had read of History of Government, of human life and manners, I had drawn the conclusion, that the manners of Women were the most infallible barometer, to ascertain the degree of morality and virtue in a … Continue reading

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