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Am I Racist Against Whites?!

“Well the orders came down, we’ll attack tonight at nightfall. If we can stop them right here, we’ll win this war once and for all. You know, I killed a Union boy last week, bet he wasn’t fourteen. He looked … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy’s Attitude Towards Ethnic Diversity

(While listening through an “Ancient Faith Today” podcast, I stumbled upon a discussion between Orthodox defender Kevin Allen and Orthodox deacon Michael Hyatt.  A caller asks about Orthodox attitudes towards ethnic diversity.  This is a topic which interests many of … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Evil White Folk

As Hollywood attempts to enlighten us backward hicks, we are repetitively exposed to villains. A common villain is the overpowering and organized White who represents European society. These whites are maligned, murdered, or maimed, and they always get their comeuppance. … Continue reading

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