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30-Day Fast: Day 3 – Curing My Lunacy

I was asked what sort of health benefits are expected from a 30 day water-fast. Depending on who you talk to, long fasts cure everything from cancer and HPV to diabetes and depression.  I didn’t jump into the craze for … Continue reading

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Reductio ad Europe…

(The following conversation took place about an hour ago.  I have not recalled it with word for word accuracy, but what I present here, captures the essence.) I was a part of a conversation pertaining to morality and whether moral … Continue reading

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The Passing of the Great Race (Review)

Madison Grant’s book “The Passing of the Great Race; or The racial basis of European history” is considered, by some, to be the foundational work of racialist ideology in American history. It purely disgusted me. Not only is Grant a … Continue reading

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