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New from Shotwell Publishing, “A Christian Attempt to Reconcile Satanism With Scripture”, or, the actual title: “Understanding Creation and Evolution” by Howard Ray White. Infamous Southern spokesman Clyde N. Wilson has this to say in the forward: “It should be … Continue reading

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Natural vs. Artificial Aristocracy and Why Jefferson was Wrong

In a letter to John Adams, Thomas Jefferson gives us a glimpse of the underlying motivations inherent in his political ideology.  Specifically, we can see his view of aristocracies: For I agree with you that there is a natural aristocracy … Continue reading

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Scriptural Argument Against Theistic Evolution

Here’s a great, and succinct, argument against Theistic Evolution: I invite everyone to watch the rest of this guy’s videos and visit his apologetics website:  http://realapologetics.org/

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Is Evolution as a Theory Problematic?

Catie asks: I’m taking an online class and we have weekly questions. The question for Monday is this: Some critics of evolution claim that the evolutionary process is weakened by the fact that it is only a theory. Is there … Continue reading

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