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Fasting Log: Day 1

Bullet point style: – Sunday, February 12, was the first day of my water fast. I hope to go at least thirty days, hopefully forty. – I apologize to my readers for the long gap in my posting. It’s never … Continue reading

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Fasting Problems: Heimbach and the NPI – Plus, Shotgun Almost Fights a Black Guy

I understand why our Lord went into the desert to fast.  It’s impossible to find the solitude and peace required if you keep a foot in every day life.  And it’s difficult to avoid walking by a television; you’d be … Continue reading

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30-Day Fast: Day 3 – Curing My Lunacy

I was asked what sort of health benefits are expected from a 30 day water-fast. Depending on who you talk to, long fasts cure everything from cancer and HPV to diabetes and depression.  I didn’t jump into the craze for … Continue reading

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30 Day Water Fast: Day 2

I’m on day two of a 30-day water-only fast.  At least, I’m shooting for 30 days. I’m doing it for religious as well as health reasons and yes…I know all about the conventional wisdom that says fasting is extremely unhealthy … Continue reading

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