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The Indomitable Critter

Injun will chase a thing till he thinks he’s chased it enough. Then he quits. Same way when he runs. Seems like he never learns there’s such a thing as a critter that’ll just keep comin’ on. So we’ll find … Continue reading

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Wherefore Art Thou White Knights?

For some reason (that boggles my mind), homosexuals are gaining status as “leaders” in the alternative right.  Even more absurd: they’re becoming leaders in the “masculinity” and anti-feminist movement.  To cap off this parade of nonsense, zealous alt-righters, who put … Continue reading

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Pushing the Mantithesis…

(Here’s the latest prompt from my ethics class: “Ten final candidates for a prestigious University teaching job are all well-qualified–eight are men and two are women. The department is currently all men. Some of the members feel that the female … Continue reading

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Shotgun vs. the Man-o-Sphere

Be warned dear readers: this post contains personal admissions: I’ve been harsh on the ladies of late – many of whom have publicly accused me of cowardice among a host of other unpleasant things.  It’s all because I’ve suggested men should … Continue reading

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You Might Be a Feminist If…

“The word property, once one of the most highly regarded words in the English language, has come in recent years to have a bad connotation because of the deliberate assault on the concept by socialists..Now..even those who most defend property … Continue reading

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Confederate Ladies

Dear ladies who drape Confederate battle flags around yourselves… Yes – you’re attractive, but not because you’re naked under a flag or because you’re wearing skimpy, whoreish attire. You’re attractive because you’re trying to add your feminine spirit to the … Continue reading

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To My Lesbian Admirers…

Apparently, my blog has caught the attention of a gaggle of lesbians on that rag-tag blogging site “Tumblr”; they’ve busied themselves with hand-waving, swearing, and offering general outcries of audacity about how backward, disgusting, and disagreeable I am. Their focus … Continue reading

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No Quarter to Witches

I’ve posted before about curing feminism.  I suggested we men form a company designed to kidnap and ship feminists to the wilds of Afghanistan where we’d secretly monitor them (to keep them from coming to any real harm) for a … Continue reading

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Giving up on Love! (Review of “The Manipulated Man”)

Esther Vilar must not listen to country music, or if she does, she only listens to that modern garbage that has nothing to do with rural Americans.  If she did, she’d know women (like Miranda Lambert) have strong emotional responses … Continue reading

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In Defense of those Nasty, Medieval, Misogynists

(Yes – the following is an actual essay question I had to answer for a test in my British Literature class.  Imagine the face of my teacher as she read this.  She gave me an A and wrote, “Nicely Done” … Continue reading

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