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Review: Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Genius…

Why “genius”? Kendrick’s memoir is the best-written of all from the samples I’ve perused. More than a thrown-together PR gambit, she put in the effort to make this a stand-alone autobiography. She’s either a free-writing savant, or has really good … Continue reading

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Review: Lily Collins Unfiltered…

Oh, this girl is going to come to a terrible end. Kind of pretty, right? Even without all that caked up paint on her face, and without Hollywood photo-magic, she’s not bad-looking. Unfortunately for her, she’s a mischling (her maternal … Continue reading

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Please God, Let This be the Last Exorcism

Is Hollywood serious? Another exorcism movie? “The Last Exorcism” hits theaters today.  I don’t plan on seeing the film, because I’ve grown tired of movies that take my mind to bad places and then leaves it there while managing to … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Invasion

The “Invasion” gets three and a half stars out of a possible five star rating in the Shotgun movie scale.  As usual, I have to warn the reader that this review may contain spoilers.  For those of you familiar with … Continue reading

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