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A Stinging Faith

I was once forward-deployed (to a location I’ll not disclose).  I was sound asleep at two in the morning, when a scorpion crawled into my bed. He stung me three times in the small of my back before I got … Continue reading

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Hope in the Darkness

Dear Friend, Genuine cultural expression of a Christian people is sometimes mitigated by harrowing circumstances (like a bad economy or depressing political situations.)  In troubled times, some are tempted to turn away from cherished traditions. But despite the general pessimism … Continue reading

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Rushdoony on Conspiracies

I went to the movies yesterday.  I hadn’t been in awhile, and I still had Michael Hoffman fresh in my mind.  Perhaps I was biased, (I don’t feel like I was), but his “revelation of the method” theory is hard … Continue reading

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William and the Wall Part II

   William and the Wall Part II was written by Shotgun’s Dad: And as the boy pondered the voices he’d heard, Wrestling with concepts and considering each word; He found that his attention was unknowingly shifted, To the corners of … Continue reading

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