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Helping Whipps Understand Kinism

A few months back, a “presuppositionalist” blogger named Joshua Whipps wrote a “slam” article against me, implying (and I loosely paraphrase): that I’m an evil racist everyone should avoid. His comments were apparently sparked by my “Van Tillian Fire” blog, … Continue reading

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Review: How to Answer the Fool

American Vision teamed up with popular Christian apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate to produce a well-received documentary, showcasing the “Presuppositional” apologetic methodology.  It’s called “How to Answer the Fool”, and features a series of Sye’s apologetic encounters at universities and on … Continue reading

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Will I Ever Know You?

Before the mountains met their roots In the womb of God’s great sea And the birds in flight had yet to light Upon the gnarled tree, Long before the mighty pillars so strong and true were laid and the moon … Continue reading

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