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Make Some White Noise

~ For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. ~ Kipling My friend Tony Martel has written a book called “Awesomely White” and, as the title suggests, it is awesome … Continue reading

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Skin May be in the Game, but are Brains?

I’ve had a lot of commentary written about me lately.  I’ve decided not to respond to most of it, but Greg Lacour’s article in Charlotte Magazine caught my eye (even though it sounds like Lacour gets his inspiration from the dried … Continue reading

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Little Girl Lost

Lost in desert wild Is your little child… Early last year I stopped at a hole-in-the-wall gas-station on the outskirts of Washington North Carolina — a small town in the middle of the eastern part of the state. A beautiful … Continue reading

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Romanticism and Socialism

A friend of mine recently made the following comment: “The acceleration of the cause of Socialism was propelled by the advent of Romanticism as a Worldview. Not all Socialists were Romanticists but Romanticism tilled the cultural soil that allowed Socialism … Continue reading

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Transcendent Man

I just watched a very infuriating documentary outlining the thought of scientist Ray Kurzweil.  (“Transcendent Man” can be watched on Netflix.) Kurzweil is known for creating things like the flatbed scanner and portable reading devices for the blind. He proposes … Continue reading

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Surprise at the Local Subway

The life of a healthy eater is hard unless the occasional allowance is made, so this past Saturday found me in the local Subway, standing in line for one of my favorite weekend treats. What was unusual about this Subway, … Continue reading

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An Outline of Sanity

Never before have I read an essay that more clearly defines the root problem of contemporary society than when I read the preface to the latest edition of Chesterton’s “The Outline of Sanity,” written by IHS press. The sane people … Continue reading

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The Passing of the Great Race (Review)

Madison Grant’s “The Passing of the Great Race” is considered by some to be the foundational work of racialist ideology in American history. It purely disgusted me. Not only is Grant a rabid anti-Christian (the book is filled with antagonistic … Continue reading

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William and the Wall Pt. 1

Mortified young William shook Upon the school steps weary, Sorrow upon reflection took More courage than is often hooked And left our hero silly. Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.  The sound of terror, Shaking his small heart, On the wall a ghostly … Continue reading

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News Alert: Subversion of French Culture Leads to Civil Unrest!

A recent victory of the Dreyfusards in France has established (in the minds of many Frenchmen) the possible existence of some sort of Jewish conspiracy. Popular novelist, Andre’ Gide is friends with Leon Blum, a leader of Jewish Dreyfusards (who … Continue reading

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