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(4) A Maned Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

“Little girl! Little girl! There’s no running in here!” Dr. Joel McDurmon, now the esteemed apologist-in-chief at the once conservative American Vision organization, chased a toddler through the quiet hallway. I was at a Presbyterian church in Georgia for a … Continue reading

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“That’s Queens…”

Queens University is located in the middle of Charlotte North Carolina’s most ritzy neighborhood; surrounded by sprawling oak trees, arched entries, and European-styled architecture, she gives life to an otherwise retired 401K neighborhood.  Ladies with sweaters draped over their shoulders, … Continue reading

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Trad Youth Confronts Tim Wise

Much has been made about the recent events at Indiana State University; the Traditionalist Youth Network organized a protest of Tim Wise (a despicable man who makes his living spreading anti-white rhetoric at colleges and events around the country and … Continue reading

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Responding to Diane’s Voice

Hi Scott, I’m not going to bother engaging with you in a meaningful discussion over morality, or over what it truly means to be born with certain inalienable rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t know … Continue reading

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“Wake Up!”

“It’s time to wake up, people!” …is a phrase I hear almost daily. Last night, Rand Paul launched into a filibuster of the U.S. Senate, demanding the Obamanation declare, unambiguously, that flying robots would never be used to kill U.S. … Continue reading

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Dr. Bahnsen on Galatians 3:28

One of the most often misquoted verses of scripture by our alienist friends, is Galatians 3 verse 28: There is neither jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in … Continue reading

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Nationalists Attack Ron Paul

There’s been a flurry of blogs and articles in the Alternative Right blogosphere condemning Ron Paul for one reason or another.  (The “alternative-right”, for those of you who don’t know, is a political community of racially-aware dissidents who are characterized … Continue reading

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My Response to the Marinov and his Article on Family

The Marinov’s article:  http://americanvision.org/5555/relationship-vs-purpose-how-the-church-destroys-the-christian-family/ My humble reply: Mr. Marinov, you overlook the most significant diagnosis of your friend’s condition, preferring to treat his minor scratches instead of the arrow sticking out of his heart! It’s hard for me to imagine … Continue reading

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The Passing of the Great Race (Review)

Madison Grant’s “The Passing of the Great Race” is considered by some to be the foundational work of racialist ideology in American history. It purely disgusted me. Not only is Grant a rabid anti-Christian (the book is filled with antagonistic … Continue reading

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The Petty Bourgeois Mentality

Jared Taylor describes the social climate of the Soviet Union: “The very recentness of such terms as “racism” and “racial prejudice” is an indication of how quickly our thinking has changed.  To make a serious moral failing out of concepts … Continue reading

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